The Smashing Pumpkins 1988-08-10

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August 10, 1988 – Chicago, IL, US
Live performance by The Smashing Pumpkins
ArtistThe Smashing Pumpkins
DateAugust 10, 1988
Coordinates41°56′23″N 87°39′13″W
LocationChicago, IL, US
Venue typeClub
PersonnelBilly Corgan, James Iha, D'arcy Wretzky
Order of bandsShy Violence, Swinging Dix, The Smashing Pumpkins

August 10, 1988 was The Smashing Pumpkins's second live performance, and the first with D'arcy Wretzky. The sound engineer for Avalon at this show was Paul Chabala, who would later provide engineering for the band's first demo tape at his own Schwa Productions. It was at this show that Chabala and Billy Corgan met.

Setlist[edit | edit source]

  1. "The Vigil(live debut)
  2. "Armed to the Teeth(live debut)
  3. "Bleed
  4. "There It Goes(live debut)
  5. "My Eternity(abandoned) (live debut)
  6. "My Eternity(live debut)
  7. "I Fall(live debut)
  8. "Nothing and Everything(live debut)
  9. "6234(only performance)
  10. "Holiday(live debut)
  11. "Screaming(final performance)

Banter[edit | edit source]

PA announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for sticking around. And now, for your entertainment pleasure: Smashing Pumpkins.
D’arcy: (off mic) We are the Smashing Pumpkins.
BC: Good evening.
The Vigil
BC: Thank you very much. This is called Armed to the Teeth.
(drum machine plays wrong beat)
unknown man: (off mic) Ahhh!
BC: See, no, its not.
unknown man: (off mic) Twelve, eleven.
Armed to the Teeth
BC: Thank you, thank you.
Iha: Thanks. Thanks, Bob.
(drum machine plays wrong beat again)
Iha: Heh.
BC: See what you get for not having a drummer? Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Sin number one.
There it Goes
Iha: Thanks.
BC: Um, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming out. I know some of who waited, some don't care, but thanks is all the same. Now we’re going to change the bass. ... Oh, oh, Paul? Oh, P –- (laughing) just a little bit more drums. Thank you, I can't hear shit. This is one of those crowd favorites, this is called My Eternity.
My Eternity (abandoned before guitar begins)
My Eternity
BC: (high pitched) Thank you!
I Fall
Guy in crowd: Where's the drummer?
BC: (off mic) Ahh, don't start that shit. (on mic) The reason we aren't playing with the drummer is because we had a drummer and he fucked everything up, so why fuck everything up, you know what I mean? I mean, I don't like playing with the drum machine any more than maybe you don't like hearing it. But I don't have a drummer, so I'll play, you know? (off mic) Hey, you wanna fuckin' drum, come up here, huh? (on mic) You know, we don't fucking just like make this shit up out of the air, it takes a lot of time and uh, you know, I'd like to be here with a drummer and everything would be kosher. And this, my friend, is a song for zhou.
Nothing and Everything
Iha: Thanks.
Guy in crowd: We can't hear you!
BC: (off mic) Can't hear what? Say -– me, singing? ... (on mic) This next song is a step forward, a step backwards all at the same time. I'm sure we all know about that in our little lives, [unintelligible word] me.
Iha: Thanks an awful lot.
BC: This falls in the hit song category.
BC: Thank you, thank you, very kind. This’ll be our last number. Like to thank the Avalon Night Club, Paul, an excellent mixing man. He deserves many...applause. Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Heh, and your mic isn't on. ...
D’arcy: I wanna thank everybody who came out tonight, all my friends and my sister.
Iha: And I’d like to thank Vince and London. And McDermott if he's out there.
BC: I'd like to thank (guitar feedback) -- whoa! –- (Southern accent) I'd like to thank the lord, Jesus Christ. (normal voice) Heh heh. That's right, you don't sing the last verse. Yeah, that's alright, you don't say nothing anyway. This song is called Screaming...Like a Motherfucker. Are you loud? (Iha strums once) Jesus fuckin’ christ!
BC: Sayonara.
PA announcer: Now let's hear it one more time for the Smashing Pumpkins.