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Thanks for donating your photos to SPCodex! This page explains how to upload or share your photos on SPCodex.

Licensing your social media photos (easiest)[edit source]

Most people share their photos on social media. Traditionally, the SPCodex team reaches out to users to ask if they will allow us to use their photo on SPCodex. You can take this step out by licensing your photos in your post. For legal reasons, you must use very clear language and specify a compatible license, or that it is in the public domain. The preferred license if you want to maintain credit for your photo is Createive Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. For this, in your post or in a comment below it, write "Photo license: CC BY-SA 4.0", or use another compatible license that permits commercial reuse (even though SPCodex isn't a commercial site). You can also explicitly state that you consent to the photo being used on SPCodex, if you don't want it to be used other places. Finally, let us know about your photos by tagging @spcodex!

The only issue with social media is that the photos are often lower resolution. For this reason, it's preferred to upload to Flickr or to SPCodex directly.

You can also simply message us directly on social media with your photos, if you prefer.

Uploading to Flickr (preferred)[edit source]

Flickr is a good alternative from uploading directly because it is easier upload photos, however you must freely license your photos for reuse.[1] The other benefit to uploading freely to Flickr is that it can be transferred (by us) to Wikimedia Commons, which means it's usable by any wiki on the internet, including SPCodex and Wikipedia. This gives your photos lots of exposure on the internet, and you still are given credit for your work.

Instructions for desktop computer:

  1. Create a Flickr account or log in.
  2. Go to flickr.com/photos/upload/ to upload your photo.
  3. Under "Owner settings", make sure to use "Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons" as your license. This means you must always get credit for your work, but that anyone can reuse your photo, even commercially. If you object to commercial use, select "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons", though this will mean your photo can't be used on some other sites like Wikipedia.[2]
  4. Make sure to let us know about your uploads! Give us your username here on the discussion page or at the Pumpkin Patch, message SPCodex on social media, or by some other means. We will then transfer the photo to Wikimedia Commons on your behalf, making it usable on SPCodex. We will also add them to articles as deemed necessary.

You can also upload to any other photo sharing site of your choice, just make sure the licensing is clearly stated. If you're not using a free license such as Createive Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (recommended), you must clarify SPCodex has permission to use the image.

Uploading directly to SPCodex[edit source]

  1. Create an account
  2. Go to Special:Upload to upload a file.
    1. Destination filename: use something descriptive. For live shows, include the artist name and the date of the performance.
    2. Summary: (optional): Free to put your name and a link to your social media accounts, etc. If you want to copyright your photos from being used without permission, and you have some special terms, state your terms here.
    3. Licensing:
      • Use one of the "own work" options, preferably CC BY-SA 4.0. This means anyone can freely share your photo so long as they give you credit, and the image shared must also have the same license with credits to you.
      • If you wish your photo only be used on SPCodex, use the "Own work, copyright and only allowed for use on SPCodex" option.
      • Or if you chose to prevent reuse of your photo or provide custom licensing, chose "None selected" and include your licensing terms in the "Summary" section.
    4. Categories: Don't worry about categories unless you know what you're doing.
  3. Add your photos to an article (see below), if you want to!

Adding photos to articles[edit source]

If you want to take it a step further and add photos to articles, this guide can help you.

Live show photos[edit source]

Refer to the Tour history page to find the page you're looking for, or simply try searching for it, such as "The Smashing Pumpkins 1996-04-24".

On live show pages, there may be a "Photos and memorabilia" section (if there's not, create one). Then photos are listed in side the {{live show gallery}} template which will format them nicely for display. Enter one photo per line, using the syntax File:Name of your file.jpg. See The Smashing Pumpkins 1996-04-24 for an example.

Other photos[edit source]

Feel free to add them where you feel they make sense!

If you're new to editing, after clicking on an [Edit] link you'll see a prompt. Click "Start editing" to use the VisualEditor (not the "source editor"). Then find where you want to insert the image, and select "Images and media" from the "Insert" dropdown from the toolbar.

If you prefer to edit raw wikisyntax and aren't sure how to do it, refer to the editing guide on images.

Donating other things[edit source]

The best way to help out SPCodex is to be a part of it! Create an account today and check out our to-do list if you're not sure how to help. Or, simply contribute to whatever interests you. If you insist on donating real money, please see SPCodex:Donate.

  1. One of the "Creative Commons" licenses must be used (preferably "Attribution-ShareAlike"), or "public domain".
  2. It can be used on Wikipedia, but you'd have to upload it there separately. If you use "NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons" or "Public Domain", the photo can automatically be transferred to Wikimedia Commons where it can then be used on any wiki such as SPCodex and Wikipedia.