Fall 1988 – Eddy Street

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Fall 1988 – Eddy Street
Demo cassette given to The Metro owner Joe Shanahan, September 1988
Studio session of The Smashing Pumpkins
ArtistThe Smashing Pumpkins
FromSeptember 1988
ToDecember 1988
LocationEddy Street (William Corgan Sr.'s home studio)

About 12 songs were recorded by Billy Corgan and James Iha, using a drum machine. "Sun" was called "Death of a Mind" and featured an alternate chorus. "There It Goes" and "Under Your Spell" were both included on the unofficial 1994 box set Mashed Potatoes. "I Fall" was included as a filler track on the Ignoffo Tape bootleg. "My Eternity" and "There It Goes" appeared on a booking demo tape given to Joe Shanahan of The Metro, dated around September 1988.

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