The Dream

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"The Dream"
Song by The Marked
Songwriter(s)Billy Corgan

"The Dream" is a song by Billy Corgan's old band, The Marked. Corgan sings vocals, but it was originally an instrumental song. A live version appears on The Marked Sept - Oct '86 demo cassette. Reportedly there is an amateur music video for the song, directed by band collaborator Jonathan Morrill.

In October 2021, Billy Corgan performed the song at the William Patrick Corgan Early Years 1985-1990 residency at Madame ZuZu's. The lyric book that was handed out at these shows indicate the song was written in 1986, the same year it surfaced on a recording.

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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

William Patrick Corgan version

as i look down your street
and i always wish that you're with me
i walk, the world behind you
as i dream, of blackened suns

and i look, towards the east
and i see you there
in flames unaware

and i wait, day after day
and i wait, for you to come to me

as i think, of times left behind
and all the books, that we swore we'd mind
all the times we walked, along the ocean floor
in sleep, in slumber
in days numbered

and i wait, day after day
and i wait, for you to come to me

The Marked version

as i walked down your street
and i always wished that you were with me
and i walked
i walked behind you

as i dreamed a blackened sun
oh, oh
and i looked once it eased
i see you there my dear

as i think of times behind
and all the books that were wrote
all the time we walked on the ocean long
picking up the stars that stood as our guide

and i wait
and i wait
and i wait
and i wait

fade on violet
fade on violet
in the dream that was behind
and i know that we can build a hope

and i wait
and i wait
and then i dream
and we dream
that we hope

and i wait
and i wait
and i wait for you


The Marked Aug '86Demo • Bootleg
Attic RehearsalDemo • Bootleg
The Marked Sept - Oct '86Demo • Bootleg

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