Madame ZuZu's

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Madame ZuZu's
Coordinates42°11′11″N 87°48′2″W
Address1876 1st St
Highland Park, IL, US
OwnerBilly Corgan, Chloe Mendel Corgan
OpenedSeptember 13, 2012

Madame ZuZu's Emporium is Billy Corgan and his wife Chloe Mendel Corgan's own tea shop and largely vegan restaurant which also serves as an art studio and music venue. It is located in Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. It originally opened on September 13, 2012 at a different location, and was closed in March 2018 after being "forced to move".[1] On September 5, 2020, Madame Zuzu's reopened with a bigger space and with a largely gluten-free, plant-based menu to compliment its teas.[2]

At ZuZu's 2.0 one year anniversary event, a new clothing line was launched with the tagline "Sorrow Is The Family Business". This originated from a tongue in cheek line Corgan said in an interview, and Mendel adopted it for ZuZu's.[3]

The venue advertises a capacity of 300 people.[4]

A six hour compilation of Madame ZuZu's performances leading up to 2022

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