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OriginChicago, Illinois
GenresAlternative rock, grunge, indie rock, shoegazing
Years active1985–1998, 2011
2007–present (as Bugglette)
LabelsLimited Potential
Scratchie Records
Associated actsStarchildren, The Smashing Pumpkins
Past membersMark Rew
Kerry Brown
Keith Brown
Neil Jendon
Jerome Brown
Scott Evers
Todd Tatnall
Cliff Fox
D'arcy Wretzky

Catherine was an alternative rock band from Chicago that was active from 1985 to 1998. They were signed to TVT Records.[1] D'arcy Wretzky of The Smashing Pumpkins served as a second singer on the final album, Hot Saki and Bedtime Stories. She was also married to Catherine member Kerry Brown at the time.

Billy Corgan served as the producer for much of Catherine's work, including the Sparkle, Songs About Girls (the song "It's No Lie"), Chante Des Chanson Sur Les Filles (credited as "Johnny Goat"), and Sleepy.

Breakup[edit | edit source]

In 1997, Catherine toured the US and Europe, opening for bands like Garbage and the Lemonheads in the US, and playing several large festivals in Europe, including Reading (UK), Bizarre (Cologne), and Rocknacht (Leuven).

After their 1997 tour, the band began recording a new LP in the studio they built in a remodeled barn outside Watervliet, Michigan. Meanwhile, TVT Records would not return the band's phone calls. Opting out of their contract, Catherine was unable to secure a contract with another label. Although a total of 13 songs were written and recorded, none of the songs from those sessions were ever released, although at least one, "Flight 518" was re-recorded in a later project by Rew. The original "My Friend the Snake" sessions have only been heard by a few friends and fans of the band. Discouraged by the lack of progress in securing a new contract, Evers and Tatnall left the band, followed by Keith Brown. Rew and Jendon reconvened in 2007 and currently play a couple of the 'lost' Catherine songs in the Chicago-based band "Bugglette", and independently released a new album, "Shame On You, Shanga Flowerdell" in late 2008

After a break from music, Jendon was a member of Zelienople for 3 years and appeared on several of their albums. In addition to playing with Bugglette, he is currently performing and recording electronic music under his own name. His first solo CD, "Invisibility", was released on BloodLust! in late 2008.

Reunion[edit | edit source]

Catherine reunited for the first time since their 1998 breakup to play two songs during the encore of the October 14, 2011 Smashing Pumpkins show at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. The band had indicated they might play a full show in Chicago after this appearance, but as of 2020 there has been no further activity.

Music videos[edit | edit source]

  • Idiot (1994)[2]
  • It's No Lie (1994)
  • Songs About Girls (1994)[2]
  • Saint (1995)[2]
  • Four-Leaf Clover (1996)[2]
  • Whisper (1996)[2]

Discography[edit | edit source]

Date of Release Title Label
1991 Sparkle/Charmed Limited Potential
1993 Sleepy March Records (Re-released on TVT in 1994)
1994 Sorry! TVT
1996 Hot Saki & Bedtime Stories TVT

References[edit | edit source]

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