Demo Recordings Mar 85 - Jan 87

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Demo Recordings Mar 85 - Jan 87
The Marked Demo Recordings Mar 85 - Jan 87.jpg
Demo album of
ReleasedJanuary 1987

Demo Recordings Mar 85 - Jan 87 (sometimes called Billy & Ron's Home Demos) is a demo album by Billy Corgan's old band, The Marked. It was released as a cassette with handwritten liner notes by Corgan.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All tracks are written by Billy Corgan, except where noted.
1."Now That I Feel This Way" 4:16
2."Mao Say Tongue #1" 7:12
3."Pelican"Billy Corgan3:34
4."Fade on Violet" 6:03
5."Death of a Mind" ("Sun")Billy Corgan6:30
6."Devotion" 5:52
7."Stained Glass Window" 3:56
8."Blind" 2:55
9."Pass" 7:08
10."Dali Holds the Hand of God" 4:49
11."First Curse" 2:55
12."The Trance"Billy Corgan4:32
13."Earth Stood Still" 5:53
14."Cristina"Billy Corgan, Ronald Roesing2:23
15."A Day at the Circus" 2:54
16."Heart In My Hand" 3:59
17."No No Go"Billy Corgan, Ronald Roesing4:14
18."Ring Of The Shadow" 3:46
19."Zieg Heil" 2:38
20."Fire"Jimi Hendrix3:17
21."unknown" 4:59
22."I Can't See You" 0:38
Total length:1:30:37

Release history[edit | edit source]

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January 1987 Cassette US Discogs [1]
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