Greg Bates

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Greg Bates
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Bates at the Madame ZuZu's grand opening show
Background information
ArtistsCoat of Eyes
RoleVocals, keyboard, rhythm
Years active1983–1985
Other associated actsThe Marked
Greg Bates was the co-founding member of Billy Corgan's first noted band, Coat of Eyes. He and Corgan met at a teen night club in 1983 and formed the band, which was originally called Bates Motel, of Bates's namesake. Bates played the keyboards, and according to an interview with SPFreaks, he took over as the lead singer as Corgan was unhappy with his voice. When the band moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, Bates was stayed in Chicago as he was still in high school.[1] With his departure, the band rebranded as The Marked.

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