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Song by James Iha
ReleasedFebruary 10, 1998
Songwriter(s)James Iha

"Winter" is a song off of James Iha's debut solo album, Let It Come Down.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

love will carry me over land to the sea
take me far away to a home where i'll stay
I give you part of me and thru your eyes I will see
a place where there is light and all the stars are out at night

and I came calling out your name
and I came calling out in vain
and I walk and no one knows my name
and I come will you help me find my way

theres another way if I leave here today
I'm down and I'm blue am I hearing right
will I come find you, if I fall away in there

and I came calling out in vain
and I came calling out in vain

if it's over the highest peak I will go if you cover me
oh I know I'll fail oh I know I'm weak but its you again
over and over I hear angels singing love
I dreamed I found you, yearning tides love the moon
hold me in your mourning light
Jesus loves the first light


Let It Come DownStudio

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