The Smashing Pumpkins 2010-04-17

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April 17, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA, US
Screaming during "Bullet with Butterfly Wings"
Live performance by The Smashing Pumpkins
Rock 'n' Roll Party tour
DateApril 17, 2010
VenueSpace 15 Twenty
Coordinates34°5′56″N 118°19′45″W
LocationLos Angeles, CA, US
Venue typeParking lot
PersonnelBilly Corgan, Mike Byrne, Kerry Brown, Jeff Schroeder, Mark Tulin, Carina Round, Ginger Pooley
Order of bandsCarina Round, The Smashing Pumpkins

April 17, 2010 was Record Store Day 2010 in Los Angeles. The first 250 people who pre-ordered the new Songs for a Sailor LP from Amoeba Music were given exclusive access to the concert. The show is notable for its diverse setlist, including the live debut of "Soot and Stars", the first performance of "Tristessa" in 16 years, the first "Stumbleine" in 14 years, and the last "G.L.O.W." for nine years.

It was drummer Mike Byrne's first show with The Smashing Pumpkins (previously he has played with Billy Corgan's side project, Spirits in the Sky). Bassist Ginger Pooley (who left the Pumpkins the previous month) made a guest appearance on "Bullet with Butterfly Wings", and this would be the last time she performed with the band. The song "Tallulah Lu", which also debuted at this show, was written by Corgan as a tribute to Ginger Pooley and a different friend back in Chicago, both of whom recently had given birth to a child named Tallulah.

The Electric Prunes bassist Mark Tulin (who appeared on the Songs for a Sailor EP) was also present, as well as long-time Smashing Pumpkins collaborator Kerry Brown who played congas and tambourine on "Astral Planes", "Cold Gin" tease and "Ava Adore". "Astral Planes" also featured backing vocals from British singer-songwriter Carina Round.

Future bassist Nicole Fiorentino was present in the audience. By this time, she had already been performing with the band at rehearsals, however she hadn't officially joined the band yet.[1]

Setlist[edit | edit source]

Soundcheck[edit | edit source]

  1. "Spangled
  2. "I've Been Waiting for You" [Neil Young
  3. "Tallulah Lu
  4. "Ava Adore

Set[edit | edit source]

  1. "A Stitch in Time(acoustic) 
  2. "Stumbleine(acoustic) 
  3. "A Song for a Son
  4. "Tristessa
  5. "Astral Planes
  6. "Today
  7. "Soot and Stars(live debut)
  8. "G.L.O.W.
  9. "Widow Wake My Mind
  10. "Stand Inside Your Love
  11. "That's the Way (My Love Is)
  12. "Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Encore[edit | edit source]

  1. "Tallulah Lu(acoustic) (live debut)
  2. "Cold Gin" [Kiss(tease) 
  3. "Ava Adore

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • "Astral Planes", "Cold Gin" tease and "Ava Adore" with Kerry Brown on congas and tambourine
  • "Astral Planes" with Carina Round on backing vocals
  • "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" with Ginger Pooley on bass
  • First performance of "Tristessa" since 1994-08-27
  • First performance of "Stumbleine" since 1998-08-14
  • Last performance of "Soot and Stars" until 2012-07-26
  • Last performance of "G.L.O.W." until 2019-05-30
  • Soundcheck is out of order

Banter[edit | edit source]

(incomplete due to lack of full show source)

A Stitch in Time (Billy solo acoustic)
Stumbleine (Billy solo acoustic)
BC: Might as well introduce the band since we’re standing around. On bass today, Mr. Mark Tulin. Thank you, Mark. Bass in the Pumpkins is sort of like drummer in Spinal Tap.
Tulin: [unintelligible].
BC: Alright, well, you’re the first male.
Tulin: [unintelligible].
BC: On guitar, Mr. Jeff Schroeder. On drums, Mr. Mikey Byrne.
A Song for a Son
BC: [cuts in] Mr. Kerry Brown.
Astral Planes (with Kerry Brown & Carina Round)
BC: [cuts in] Gettin’ old.
Soot and Stars
Guy in crowd: Fuck Coachella!
BC: (to Jeff) I think the Gorillaz are bigger than the Smashing Pumpkins, that’s what I hear. It’s a Thom Yorke solo? Bigger than the Pumpkins.
Jeff: Gene told me that I couldn’t talk.
BC: What’s that?
Jeff: Gene told me I couldn’t talk.
BC: Gene Simmons?
Jeff: Yeah!
BC: No, he, heh, he confused you with Iha.
Jeff: I know, but he told me not to talk. He really did, I’m not making that up.
BC: It’s a true story.
Jeff: He really told me, he said, “I hope you don’t talk.”
BC: And then he asked Kerry what his cock size was.
Jeff: And then he asked me if I’ve seen Billy seen naked too.
Kerry: (off mic and offstage) If it has a name.
BC: Huh?
A few people in crowd: If it had a name.
BC: Oh, if your cock had a name, right. “Twitter” was his cock’s name. Heh, Mister, oh, it’s Mr. Twitter. Anyway.... (throwing picks into crowd)
Tulin: Picks for everyone, yeah?
BC: That’s it, that’s what it’s all about. Should I check my messages now or should I wait ‘til after the show?
Jeff: (off mic) After.
BC: Okay. That’s the problem with having a love interest in another country.
Jeff: Oh yeah.
BC: Yeah, get some of that time zone.... (gesturing)
Jeff: I wouldn’t know [unintelligible 2-3 words].
BC: You wouldn’t know? You didn’t meet anybody on tour?, (makes a blowjob gesture) heh heh.
Jeff: Hahahaha! No.
BC: Heh heh, haha, heh, alright, heh heh, here we go. This is one called....
Widow Wake My Mind
Stand Inside Your Love
That’s the Way
BC: [cuts in] (to Ginger) You havin’ a flashback yet or...? (to crowd) Alright, this is our last song, thank you very much for comin’. I’ll only tell you the special surprise if we get an encore, (shrugs), right? How’s that for...?
Bullet with Butterfly Wings (with Ginger Pooley)
BC: Thank you very much, thank you Ginger. Thank you guys, awesome, thank you!
[encore break]
BC: This song requires silence, (points at ukulele), okay? Heh, I got a small instrument right here. I was in Hawaii recently and I met a great artist over there in Molokai, named Lono, who’s my friend, and he taught me some Hawaiian style stuff and so, I’ve been writing a few songs. This is serious, this is not one of my jokes, heh heh, I swear. And uh, Ginger just had a baby recently, whose name is Tallulah. Very proud of Ginger, the baby’s beautiful, and I have a friend in Chicago who just had a baby named Tallulah--not mine. And uh, so this song’s dedicated to both the babies, it’s called Baby.
Tallulah Lu (Billy solo ukulele)
BC: [cuts in] I found out that I do have a child. Like to bring him up, come on up. (an approx. 8-10 year old boy comes on stage with a wrestling mask on and stands on the drum riser) This is Jason. Stand up there, Jason, so they can see you. To protect his, protect his privacy, I’ve asked him to wear a mask. This is the first time anybody in public knows that I have a son. Like to interview Jason now. (Jason comes off the drum riser and stands close behind Billy, who’s kind of startled as he turns around) Oh! My god, Jason, what are you doing? No, stand up there so everyone can see you. How you doin’, kid?
Jason: You’re the worst dad in the world!
BC: What do you mean? I love you, you’re my son.
Jason: You...! I played baseball today and you weren’t there the whole time! And I made a double play and you weren’t there to see it.
BC: But I watch your clips on YouTube, kid. You’re my son and I’m proud of you!
Jason: Maybe, maybe not.
BC: Thank you, Jason. (kid walks off stage) Jason Corgan, everybody. I obviously didn’t name him Jason, I hate that name. (Billy is trying to put the mic back on the stand and drops it) (off mic) Fuckin’ A, man.
Girl in crowd: Bodies!
Different girl in crowd: You need to play 7 Shades of Black.
BC: Like in past eras, requests are not asked for. (laughing off mic) That hasn’t changed. (to Jeff) You know like with the Rolling Stones did the thing where people....
Jeff: (pointing towards the back of the venue) Oh wait wait, lookit, lookit....
BC: (re what Jeff is pointing at) Doug Goodman! (he and Jeff laugh) Did the Dodgers win, Doug? What is their record? One and infinity, yes, I know.
Doug: (off mic from back of crowd) But they only lost by nine!
BC: (to Doug) If you--if you hadn’t been there, they would’ve lost by 11. (to Jeff) You know when the Rolling Stones had a thing like you could vote for what songs you wanted to hear.
Jeff: That’s right right right right.
Guy in crowd: Rolling Stones suck!
Jeff: We should do that.
BC: Stones are alright. No, can you imagine the songs that everyone would pick?
Jeff: Yeah, I could, wouldn’t be on any album.
BC: That’s right. We’d be playing Kiss songs.
Jeff: Heh! Hey, if that’s true, then let’s do it.
BC: Do it.
Cold Gin (tease - instrumental) (with Kerry Brown)
BC: (to Jeff) I thought you were getting the vocal!
Tulin: (singing) Come on! Lookin’ out outta here.
Jeff: (gesturing at Tulin) But he doesn’t know [unintelligible], he doesn’t know that shit here.
BC: Mark doesn’t know the Kiss?
Jeff: No.
BC: Are you saying he’s old? Is that what you’re trying to say?
Tulin: No, it’s just he has taste.
Jeff: He was before them.
Tulin: He was what?!
Jeff: I mean, that’s when you know you..., right?, he was before them.
BC: Thank you very much, Mark, for doing this gig, appreciate it a lot.
Tulin: Thank you very much.
BC: Teachin’ ‘em the ropes of the alternative bass style.
Tulin: That you are.
BC: Not that far from psychedelic grunge, right?
Tulin: Not...nope.
BC: Anyway, thanks a lot everybody, it’s been a really fun time.... [tape cuts]
Ava Adore (with Kerry Brown)
BC: We're trying to figure out a tour. Until then, heroin and fireworks.

Videos[edit | edit source]

"Ava Adore" with Mark Tulin on bass

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Comment by Nicole Fiorentino (@xocoleyf) on an SPCodex Instagram post