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This template removes links from wikitext. It de-links wikilinks and URL links, removes HTML comments, and normalises whitespace. It handles most wikitext correctly, including category links, the colon trick, the pipe trick (normal and reverse), nested wikilinks, and invalid link characters.

Usage[edit source]

All parameters

Examples[edit source]

Code Output
{{delink|[[Foo]]}} Foo
{{delink|[[Foo|Bar]]}} Bar
{{delink|[[Foo]], [[bar]], and [[baz]].}} Foo, bar, and baz.
{{delink|I visited [https://www.example.com example.com].}} I visited example.com.
{{delink|Foo}} Foo

Non-examples[edit source]

Code Output
{{delink|https://www.example.com}} https://www.example.com