September 1996 – Penguin Studios and Chung King

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September 1996 – Penguin Studios and Chung King
Studio session of Billy Corgan
ArtistBilly Corgan
DateSeptember 1996
LocationPenguin Studios, Chung King
Producer(s)Billy Corgan
Engineer(s)Chris Shepard
Mixer(s)Neil Perry

The September 1996 sessions at Penguin Studios and Chung King Studios in New York is where Billy Corgan recorded tracks for the Ransom soundtrack. Recorded in about a week, this was just Billy Corgan and Matt Walker recording riffs. Corgan's scant vocals were recorded on a mini tape dictaphone recorder. These songs were curiously copyrighted as Parallel Stories. "Appels + Oranjes" made its first recorded appearance at this session.

Tracks recorded[edit | edit source]

Unreleased[edit | edit source]