February 1997 – Chicago Recording Company

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February 1997 – Chicago Recording Company
Studio session of The Smashing Pumpkins
ArtistThe Smashing Pumpkins
DateFebruary 1997
LocationChicago Recording Company
Producer(s)Billy Corgan
Engineer(s)Chris Shepard

The February 1997 Chicago Recording Company sessions is where roughly 30 demos for Adore were recorded. These were intended to be a Bob Dylan-inspired live-in-the-studio session. The album version of "Annie-Dog" as well as the B-side "Once in a While" comes from these sessions. The band also supposedly recorded about 45 minutes worth of demos for the Batman & Robin soundtrack, probably also done at this session; "The Guns of Love Disastrous" and "The Ethers Tragic" are probably from this session as well. While all this session appeared in remixed form on the Adore remaster, the original mixes leaked as a bootleg in 1999.

Tracks recorded[edit | edit source]