In Ashes

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In Ashes is a five-part animated series written by Billy Corgan, featuring music from The Smashing Pumpkins' eleventh studio album, CYR. It was first announced on September 18, 2020, and the first two episodes were released on September 25,[1] and the final was released on November 27 exclusively on Apple Music, and to YouTube on December 4. Animation production is by the American animation studio Deep Sky.

Corgan wrote the story exclusively for the series, knowing that with the COVID-19 pandemic would hinder the band's ability to make live action videos.[2] The concepts for In Ashes generally came after CYR had already been completed. The story has three main characters: Pete, his friend Ansel, and a young "siren" named Andi.[3]

The title In Ashes is a reference to Sumerian founder and CEO Ash Avildsen. Corgan explained that the inside joke was that by signing with Sumerian Records, the band and label are "going to go up in flames … and end up in ashes."[4]

Series[edit | edit source]

In Ashes official trailor

Ep. 1: "As The Crow Flies"[edit | edit source]

Released on September 25, 2020, and serving as the music video for "The Colour of Love"

Ep. 2: "Inspirations, Aspirations"[edit | edit source]

Released on September 25, 2020, and serving as the music video for "Confessions of a Dopamine Addict"

Ep. 3: "I'm In Love With Your God"[edit | edit source]

Released on October 9, 2020, serving as the music video for "Anno Satana"

Ep 4: "Owl Wait"[edit | edit source]

Released on November 24, 2020, as the official animated music video for "Wyttch"

Ep 5: "Lost IN The Dream Factory"[edit | edit source]

Released on November 27, 2020 (Apple Music) and December 4 (YouTube), as the official music video for "Purple Blood"

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Billy Corgan – writer
  • Mike Anderson – director
  • Jared Hobbs – producer
  • Barret Thomson – creative director
  • Sandra Lanz – art director
  • Jack Ellis – project manager
  • Ebru Cetiner – storyboards
  • Pro Bagchi – production coordinator
  • Barret Thomson – backgrounds
  • Esli Becerra – lead compositor
  • Zack Dixon – second compositor
  • Matthew Seely
  • Gaby Breiter
  • Lyla Hammar
  • Aggelos Papantoniou
  • Mei Mei Leonard
  • Jon Buffman
  • Chi Nguyen
  • Alem Pilav

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