Choose to Choose Love

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"Choose to Choose Love"
Song by Sky Saxon
Side project of Billy Corgan
ReleasedJune 26, 2009
Songwriter(s)Sky Saxon,Billy Corgan

"Choose to Choose Love" is a song written and recorded by Sky Saxon and Billy Corgan. It was released by Kerry Brown on Facebook on June 26, 2009, and the lyrics were posted to

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Choose to choose love

I choose life
I choose liberty
I choose freedom
I choose the wild

I choose you my queen
To be with me in life
To walk by my side
And be my wife
And comfort each other
Through sickness or health
And show the way
Of God every day

Choose to choose love

I choose the orphanages
I choose taking care of babies
I choose love
The sweet fragrance of love
The perfume of love
Like being in the Garden of Eden
Like being in paradise
And our family

Choose to choose love

Pity, kindness, and tenderness
Are the weapons of God, my father
Pity, kindness, and tenderness
The weapons of Yahowha

And in time
They'll overcome all
Like a rainbow
It's God promise
That peace is here at last
Count the rainbows
There were seven today
Oh my lady love
Laying on the grass
With our children
Protect the mothers
Save the babies
And protect the puppies
Puppies, puppies, it's puppy love
Puppies, puppies, puppies it's puppy love
I think that's what father is all about
It's puppy love

Choose to choose your love

I choose liberty
I choose beauty
Style and grace
I choose your adorable face
I choose your lips
I love to kiss goodnight
Every night feels so right

Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."Choose to Choose Love"Sky Saxon, Billy Corgan 

Release history[edit | edit source]

Released Label Catalog ID Format Country External sites
June 26, 2009 Digital US [1]

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Billy Corgan – guitar, recording
  • Sky Saxon – vocals, recording
  • Kevin Dippold – mixing

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