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MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

Hello! I have noticed all the work you've done here, and as the founder of this wiki I just wanted to say thank you. We need more editors like you! Most are only interested in live shows or making small edits here and there. You seem to be more into making substantial contributions, so I want to encourage you to keep it up, and also let you know that if you need anything, I'm here to help :)

I especially appreciate you keeping the album pages etc. up-to-date. That is a tedious task. Just like the discussion over at the Pumpkin Patch, I'm hoping to eventually automate a lot of things. For example, I think The Smashing Pumpkins discography could be automatically updated. One day when I have time I will work on it.

On that note, if you weren't aware, you have a few gadgets at your disposal that can speed up your work. Most of these aren't enabled by default to avoid confusing new users and readers, but as an experienced user I think you might find them useful. In particular I recommend enabling the link highlight gadget. And at the Pumpkin Patch, you were talking about categorization, so you might find Cat-a-lot useful if you need to categorize a large number of pages. See the documentation for more (it takes a little while to figure out how to use it correctly).

Anyway, that is all. Thanks again for your contributions!

Squishedmargarine (talkcontribs)

Thank you for the kind words! I am very thankful to have such a large database on my favorite band, and especially to be able to help keep it as accurate as possible. I will say that while I have become fairly proficient at basic editing, I have not tinkered with the advanced editing tools and gadgets much yet, so I will have to look into those going forward.

If you ever need to reach me or discuss something SP, drop me a message on Instagram, my username there is squishedmargarine as well. I would see and respond to it much faster than here due to the real-time nature of social media and such.

Thanks again for the message and I hope to keep working together in the future!

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DavidB (talkcontribs)

Hello my friend - are you "sloth plays 2" at YouTube or "minecraftgang" at by any chance? If so, please let my track record for digging up teases (or other additions on this site) speak for itself - be happy to provide you with a list. I'd also be happy to provide time stamps for what I hear in that intro and/or seek a third opinion, but please don't unilaterally remove that here without running it by me first.

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