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MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

Yo, thanks for creating the 1991-08-17 pages! We aim to have 100% accuracy, I'm surprised we were missing some shows. Most of our data came from SPLRA using an automated bot. I guess the bot somehow missed these pages, because I did manage to find them on SPLRA… that makes me worried if the bot missed more pages :( Anyways I copied over the additional info that I found on SPLRA and SPFC to your pages.

By the way, I'm impressed you created the pages with more or less exactly the right formatting, haha! It seems editing is very hard for most people. Bravo!

A warm welcome to SPCodex :) Let me know if you need anything. Cheers

East79 (talkcontribs)

Ha, believe it or not but I found out about Relisten not long time ago, so listening to the very early SP live shows and reading the banters on your wiki, I found out that date was missing! :) I'm into tech, so it was not difficult to me copy paste existing pages and just replace the song titles and other info. Wiki markup seems pretty easy so far. Apparently what I had to do was referring to the SPLRA pages.

Hope to discover new SP stuff here. Cheers!

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

To clarify, I added the splra_page= parameter to the infoboxes on the pages you created, but that's only because the corresponding SPLRA page had a non-standard title (because there are multiple shows on the same date). Normally you don't need to do this and it creates the link to SPLRA automatically. So I wouldn't worry about that; what you did of copying/pasting from an existing page is the best way to create new pages right now until we have a better system.

There's some info that might be useful to you at Help:Tour history. As our community grows, I am working to create more Help pages. For now, again, if you get confused by anything just message me or start a discussion at the Pumpkin Patch. Thanks again for contributing! We honestly need more tech-savvy editors like you :)

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