Life Begins Again (song)

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"Life Begins Again (song)"
Song by Jimmy Chamberlin Complex
ReleasedJanuary 25, 2005
RecordedJune 2004
Songwriter(s)Jimmy Chamberlin

"Life Begins Again" is the title track from Jimmy Chamberlin Complex's debut album. It features Rob Dickinson of Catherine Wheel on vocals.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

with every breath you take
life begins again
and every time you whisper
death starts to descend
you're all alone until you close your eyes
and you can see the beauty in your life
it begins again again again again

we sat alone one night
and you were crying to me
a fear held me so tight my soul
of what the future held
and what the world was bringing to me
this matter of the future in my head again

a vision came before me
and now I see it clearly
two bright lights

be just be
hovering and wondering
whispering in choral dreams
of all the kings and all the queens
presidents and vanities
all of you and all of me
all and all and everything
be just be

I saw you standing in the sun today
we'd lived our lives and loved the truth
our dreams came true for us just like you said
now our souls can truly begin again again again again
now you see me
now you see me
now you see me


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