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This template defines the table "social_media". View table. This page defines the social media posts for Untitled.

This post is scheduled to deliver on November 28 at 13:00 UTC.

NOTE: The structure must follow the guide at SPCodex:Social media exactly for the automated posts to work.

Stores metadata for social media posts, some of which (will) be automatically posted.

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Template parameters

Original dateoriginal_date

Original date of the subject (release, show, etc.)

Hour of dayhour_of_day

The hour of the day at which the post should be sent out. This is in UTC time. Use values 0 (midnight) through 23.


Comma-separated list of page titles of the subjects that this post is about it. It is usually only about one subject.


One of: album, song, birthday, death, show

Needs reviewneeds_review

Indicates this post may need annual review due to some wording or updates that were expected to follow the previous year's post.