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This template defines the table "track_listings". View table.

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Template parameters

This template has custom formatting.


Shown as bold text above the track listing, and is also shown as "Notes" in the {{availability}} template

Main listingmain_listing

Set this to yes to indicate that this is the "main" track listing for an album (as opposed to alternative track listings foreign pressings, etc.)

Listing IDlisting_id

Give this a unique integer value, starting with 1 for the first track listing, 2 for the second, and so on. These numbers get referenced in the release history entries to indicate which release contained which tracks.


Defines the heading text for the "Source" column. For each track, you'll have "source1 = [[The Smashing Pumpkins 1993-03-03]]" for instance to indicate the source of the track, be it a show or a studio session. Use the value "hidden" for the source_column parameter to still be able to set values for the source, but hide them from view.

All writingall_writing

Enter text here will hide "Writers" column and attribute tracks to that writer. You can override it on a per-track level, too, in which case the "Writers" column will be visible again.

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