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I have been a fan of SP since I saw the "Today" video on MTV when I was a young boy. In the late 90s my love for the band turned into an obsession (sometimes unhealthy!) and it has remained that way ever since. I am fascinated by Corgan's inability to write a bad song. The sheer depth and passion the band puts into their work just blows my mind. To me, The Smashing Pumpkins are the definition of "art".

Sadly my first show wasn't until 2007 at the Orange Peel, but I've seen them about 20 or so times since then. Frankly I think the shows get better with every tour!

I am also a musician myself and you can clearly hear SP influence in my compositions. Song writing is my passion, and who better to learn from than the Pumpkins! If you want to check out my music, look me up on Spotify (Apple Music, etc.) or at

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