The Smashing Pumpkins 2022-11-19

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November 19, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA, US
The Smashing Pumpkins 2022-11-19 poster.jpg
Poster by Simon Marchner
Live performance by The Smashing Pumpkins
Spirits On Fire tour
DateNovember 19, 2022
VenueHollywood Bowl
Coordinates34°6′46″N 118°20′20″W
LocationLos Angeles, CA, US
Venue typeAmphitheater
PersonnelBilly Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, Jeff Schroeder, Jack Bates, Katie Cole, Lisa Origliasso, Jessica Origliasso, Mike Garson, Willow Smith, Frank Catalano
Order of bandsPoppy, Jane's Addiction, The Smashing Pumpkins

Setlist[edit | edit source]

Soundcheck[edit | edit source]

  1. "Silverfuck
  2. "Tonight, Tonight

Set[edit | edit source]

  1. "Atum" (prerecorded) (final performance)
  2. "Empires(final performance)
  3. "Bullet with Butterfly Wings(final performance)
  4. "Today(final performance)
  5. "We Only Come Out at Night(acoustic) 
  6. "Cyr
  7. "Once in a Lifetime" [Talking Heads] [5:53] (final performance)
  8. "Solara(final performance)
    1. (drum solo)
  9. "Eye(final performance)
  10. "Ava Adore(final performance)
    1. (drum solo)
  11. "Tonight, Tonight(acoustic) 
  12. "Starla" [8:03] (final performance)
  13. "Stand Inside Your Love(final performance)
  14. "Cherub Rock(final performance)
  15. "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love" [Van Halen(tease) 
  16. "Zero(final performance)
    1. "Love Gun" [Kiss(tease) 
  17. "1979(final performance)
  18. "Beguiled
  19. "Silverfuck" [16:55] (final performance)

Notes[edit | edit source]

Banter[edit | edit source]

Atum Intro
(BC after lyrics, before Jeff outro solo: L.A.!!)
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Iha: Los Angeles. Thank you so much. How are you guys doin’? We are the Smashing Pumpkins, let’s rock.
We Only Come Out at Night (acoustic)
Once in a Lifetime
Eye (with The Veronicas)
(BC after 2nd chorus: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the rock show! We’re so pleased you’re with us tonight, thank you so much for being with us. Thank you for selling out the Hollywood Bowl for us, thank you, thank you, thank you!)
(BC during outro singalong: Sing it with us, sing it! Come on!! Los Angeles! Where are we?! Yeow!! One more time! Ow!)
> Ava Adore
(BC after Jimmy solo: Ow! Mr. Jimmy Chamberlin on the drums! Get this party started.)
Iha: Thank you so much, Los Angeles. Uh, we’d like to thank the Veronicas for coming up here and singing on Eye. And we’d like to bring another special guest up: Mr. Mike Garson.
BC: Now James, before we carry on with the festivities, how are you doin’ tonight?
Iha: I’m good, I’m good, how you doin’?
BC: You look marvelous, you sound fantastic.
Iha: I’m here at the Hollywood Bowl, I’m –- I’m uh, I’m psyched. There’s uh, I like the weather right now, Los Angeles, this never happens.
BC: Now James, we started this band 34 years ago.
Iha: Oh my god.
BC: 34 years ago, unbelievable...
Iha: Unbelievable.
BC: ...and here we are finally at the Hollywood Bowl. With our brothers in uh, Jane’s Addiction.
Iha: Oh, Jesus, yeah, thanks to Jane’s Addiction and Poppy for making this a special bill.
BC: So this is my favorite part of the show because we get to stop for a second and just say thank you, thank you, thank you for 34 years. And uh...dedicate this song to the uh, 15,000 people that are here tonight, all the way up in the back, all the way in the front. It’s a blessing we’re here with our friend Michael and um, so please take this song to heart, it’s a little song we like to call Tonight, Tonight.
Tonight, Tonight (Billy/Iha acoustic with Mike Garson)
Iha: Mr. Mike Garson. ... (5 men come on stage to remove Garson’s keyboard) That’s a lot of dudes to take away one piano.
Iha: How are you guys doin’? Alright? Thumbs up?
Stand Inside Your Love
Iha: Thank you so much. Uh...I’d like to introduce the band here. (Iha turns around to introduce Katie, though she’s literally running back to her spot; Billy can be heard laughing loudly) On vocals, Ms. Katie Cole. Katie Cole. All the way from Manchester, England, on the bass, Mr. Jack Bates. From Hollywood, California, on guitar, Mr. Jeff Schroeder. On the drums, Mr. Jimmy Chamberlin. On lead vocals and hot guitar, Mr. Billy Corgan. I’m James Iha and I’d like to uh...thank you so much, I’d like to introduce a special guest: Willow Smith. Willow Smith. This is Cherub Rock.
Cherub Rock (with Willow Smith on guitar)
> Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love (tease – slow, during Billy’s transition solo)
> Zero
> Love Gun (tease)
Silverfuck (with Frank Catalano)
(BC immediately after final lyrics: Los Angeles, thank yoooooouu!!!)
Iha: Thanks so much. Thank you, Los Angeles, so much. Get home safe, drive safe.

Photos and memorabilia[edit | edit source]

Close up shots courtesy of Ger Beja.

Videos[edit | edit source]

"Cherub Rock" with Willow Smith