The Psycho Tape

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The Psycho Tape
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Bootleg of
ReleasedOctober 8, 2005

The Psycho Tape is a bootleg of early live videos of The Smashing Pumpkins and The Marked. In the days of VHS it was passed around elite trading circles, before a DVD surfaced in 2005.[1]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The track lengths are inferred from the YouTube uploads and may not match the original DVD exactly. Performances labeled as "live '90" are from a 1989 show at Avalon (same performance as "Snap" on the Pisces Iscariot bonus DVD).

All tracks are written by Billy Corgan, except where noted.
1."I'm Free" (The Who)Pete Townsend1989-XX-XX at the Metro2:36
2."She" 1988-XX-XX at unknown location3:45
3."Geraldo interviewing Charles Manson"  1:28
4."The Crystal Ship" (The Doors)Jim Morrison1989-XX-XX (2) at the Metro2:47
5."Sun" 1989-XX-XX (2) at the Metro5:59
6."Spiteface" 1989-XX-XX (2) at the Metro5:40
7."Venus in Furs" (The Velvet Underground)Lou Reed1989-XX-XX (3) at the Metro4:34
8."Billy & Bob English in the crowd"  0:21
9."My Dahlia"  3:44
10."My Eternity" 1988-11-19 (Pulse Basement Jam)5:39
11."Rhinoceros" 1989-08-11 at Avalon5:09
12."East" 1989-08-11 at Avalon4:03
13."I Am One"Billy Corgan, James Iha1989-08-11 at Avalon4:43
14."I Am My End" 1989-10-31 at the Metro3:19
15."Rhinoceros" 1989-10-31 at the Metro5:17
16."Ball and Chain"James Iha, Billy Corgan1989-10-31 at the Metro3:05
17."Bury Me" 1989-10-31 at the Metro4:08
18."Try to Try" 1989-10-31 at the Metro3:26
19."Jennifer Ever" 1988-XX-XX at unknown location3:37
20."There It Goes" 1988-XX-XX at unknown location5:08
21."Oui Henri" (cut after 20 seconds) 1988-XX-XX at unknown location0:20
22."Nothing and Everything" 1988-XX-XX at unknown location6:05
23."Salt" 1989-10-31 at the Metro4:11
24."Lie I Lie" 1989-10-31 at the Metro3:12
25."Razor" 1989-10-31 at the Metro4:01
26."Love (pre-Gish demo)" 1989-10-31 at the Metro3:20
27."C'mon" 1989-10-31 at the Metro5:23
28."Scary Neurotic Song" (The Marked)  1:52
29."The Trance" (The Marked)Billy Corgan, Ronald Roesing 4:57
30."Geraldo interviewing unknown serial killer “Joe”"  1:13

Release history[edit | edit source]

Released Label Catalog ID Format Country External sites
October 8, 2005 DVD • NTSC United States [1]

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