The Marked Sept - Oct '86

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The Marked Sept - Oct '86
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Demo album of

The Marked Sept - Oct '86 is a demo cassette of The Marked that includes live recordings as well as a few demos. The handwritten liner notes by Billy Corgan read as follows:

Sept 14, Oct 10, 11 dates are Act IV

Oct 1 date was Empty Keg Hope you enjoy- some of the mixes are shitty-but at least you can hear my voice + my music All songs but No Answer, Girl I Never Loved are mine Streetlight, Animus is Meiners/Corgan By the way, most songs are about you

I love you- love always Billy

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All live shows took place in Tampa, Florida, US. The last two tracks are not listed as live or as a demo.

All tracks are written by Billy Corgan, except where noted.
1."Spinning Like a Top" September 14, 1986 at Act IV3:20
2."The Dream" October 10, 1986 at Act IV4:34
3."No Answer"Dale MeinersOctober 10, 1986 at Act IV2:41
4."Girl I Never Loved"Dale MeinersSeptember 14, 1986 at Act IV2:08
5."Must I Really Love You" Studio demo5:03
6."Blind" Studio demo3:08
7."Dance Hit #4" Unfinished demo3:07
8."Christmas Song" December 19853:39
9."I Love You" October 10, 1986 at Act IV2:24
10."Mastery + Conjecture" October 10, 1986 at Act IV5:19
11."The Trance" October 11, 1986 at Act IV4:38
12."Mao Say Tongue #2" October 1, 1986 at Empty Keg6:56
13."Passion to Despise" October 11, 1986 at Act IV3:32
14."Death of a Mind" October 11, 1986 at Act IV4:33
15."Sacrifice" October 11, 1986 at Act IV5:06
16."Anima Animus"Dale Meiners, Billy CorganOctober 11, 1986 at Act IV4:22
17."Scary Neurotic Song" October 11, 1986 at Act IV2:14
18."Spiteface" October 11, 1986 at Act IV5:15
19."Streetlight"Dale Meiners, Billy CorganOctober 1, 1986 at Empty Keg3:39
20."Stained Glass Window" October 11, 1986 at Act IV3:24
21."Fire" (Jimi Hendrix) October 11, 1986 at Act IV2:44
22."Mao Say Tongue #1"  4:57
23."Mastery + Conjecture"  7:04
Total length:1:33:47

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