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Here's some things to keep you busy if you want to participate! :)

  • Fill in the gaps on songs. Most A-side songs that weren't singles are very short and lacking in information. Take "Silverfuck", "Here Is No Why", "X.Y.U.", "Daphne Descends"... surely you know something about these songs?
  • Documenting gear. Browse to your favourite song, album or band member and add an Equipment section! Very little is documented thus far.
  • Writing "Did you know?" factoids. These fun little trivia is randomly shown on the Main Page. See SPCodex:Did you know for more.
  • Documenting tours. At the time of writing, only The End Times Tour with Manson has been documented (imported from Wikipedia). We hope to have an article for every major tour (written similarly to The End Times Tour). Articles for individual shows is probably out of scope for this wiki, unless the show itself is especially notable.
  • Documenting bootlegs. There are hundreds if not thousands, so this isn't something we aim to be 100% complete on. However, any particularly notable bootlegs featuring previously unreleased songs, such as Billy's Gravity Demos I, is something we consider well within scope.
  • See Special:WantedPages for articles that have links to them but haven't been created yet.
  • Selecting songs of the day or albums of the week.
  • Socialize at the Pumpkin Patch or on the talk page of your favorite song. Just have fun!