Rock 'n' Roll Party tour

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Rock 'n' Roll Party tour
Tour by The Smashing Pumpkins
July 8 show in Grant Rapids
Start date2010-04-17
End date2010-09-25
No. of shows46
No. of cities42
No. of countries5
The Smashing Pumpkins tour chronology



Songs performed

Song No. shows Cover
Song No. shows Cover
A Song for a Son 45 (original)
Astral Planes 45 (original)
Ava Adore 45 (original)
United States 44 (original)
Bullet with Butterfly Wings 44 (original)
Stand Inside Your Love 42 (original)
Today 42 (original)
Tarantula 39 (original)
Tonight, Tonight 38 (original)
Cherub Rock 37 (original)
Eye 37 (original)
Freak 36 (original)
As Rome Burns 32 (original)
Gossamer 29 (original)
That's the Way (My Love Is) 29 (original)
Owata 23 (original)
Perfect 21 (original)
Hummer 21 (original)
My Love Is Winter 21 (original)
Drown 21 (original)
Bleeding the Orchid 18 (original)
Spangled 18 (original)
A Stitch in Time 17 (original)
Zero 16 (original)
Disarm 16 (original)
Tristessa 13 (original)
1979 11 (original)
Widow Wake My Mind 10 (original)
Make It Happen 8 (original)
Blessed Mother 8 (original)
Tom Tom 8 (original)
Love Is the Sweetest Thing 7 Ray Noble
Lightning Strikes 5 (original)
Lonely Is the Name 5 (original)
Quasar 4 (original)
Invincible 3 (original)
Tallulah Lu 3 (original)
God of Thunder 2 Kiss
The Fellowship 2 (original)
Stumbleine 2 (original)
Hang On Sloopy 2 The McCoys
Landslide 1 Stevie Nicks
G.L.O.W. 1 (original)
I've Been Waiting for You 1 Neil Young
Set The Ray To Jerry 1 (original)
Soot and Stars 1 (original)
Panopticon 1 (original)
Pox 1 (original)
To Sheila 1 (original)
With Every Light 1 (original)

Songs teased

Song No. shows Cover
Song No. shows Cover
The Star-Spangled Banner 33 Francis Scott Key
Moby Dick 20 Led Zeppelin
Detroit Rock City 4 Kiss
Country Death Song 3 Violent Femmes
La Grange 2 ZZ Top
Rhinoceros 2 (original)
Black Sabbath 2 Black Sabbath
Spiteface 2 (original)
God of Thunder 2 Kiss
Foxy Lady 2 Jimi Hendrix
Purple Haze 2 Jimi Hendrix
Shine 2 Collective Soul
There It Goes 1 (original)
Lick It Up 1 Kiss
Sweet Leaf 1 Black Sabbath
Catch the Rainbow 1 Rainbow
Snail 1 (original)
Celebrity Skin (song) 1 Hole
Unchained 1 Van Halen
Quiet 1 (original)
Who Knows 1 Jimi Hendrix
I Love Rock 'n' Roll 1 The Arrows
Eruption 1 Van Halen
Cold Gin 1 Kiss
Bridge of Sighs 1 Robin Trower
Sunshine of Your Love 1 Cream
Whole Lotta Love 1 Led Zeppelin
Thirty-Three 1 (original)
Cocaine 1 J.J. Cale
Love Gun 1 Kiss
Lucky 13 1 (original)
Little Wing 1 Jimi Hendrix


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