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The Smashing Pumpkins Owata.JPG
Promotional single by The Smashing Pumpkins
ReleasedMay 4, 2011
FormatDigital download
GenreAlternative rock
LabelMartha's Music / Rocket Science
Songwriter(s)Billy Corgan
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"The Celestials"

"Owata" is the second single from The Smashing Pumpkins' aborted eighth album, Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, and tenth song released from the project.[1]


The song has a fairly long history prior to its official release. The song was performed, for the first time, on The Chris Isaak Hour on April 4, 2009, when Jimmy Chamberlin was still in the band.[2] Subsequently, it was performed throughout 2009 with Billy Corgan's Sky Saxon-inspired supergroup, Spirits in the Sky, which featured future Smashing Pumpkins drummer Mike Byrne. As well, the song was performed with the Smashing Pumpkins throughout 2010, prior to its official release on Teargarden by Kaleidyscope.[3] These early live versions are considerably different musically than the final studio version, with the studio version featuring a different drum arrangement, and a noticeably larger amount of synthesizers.[4]

Music video

A 12-minute short film featuring an in-depth look at two female underground wrestlers was released in July, 2011.[5] The video was directed by Robby Starbuck[6] and stars Shelly Martinez, Raven and Alissa Flash, which was subsequently edited and released in a traditional music video format.[7] It was the first-ever video to be filmed with Red Digital Cinema Camera Company technology.[8]


Ride off the silverscreen
Into a moonbeam
To the alien side
Catch heck with Jesus
The stars beneath us
Oh what a beautiful night

Cool in your pocket
You can’t unlock this night
Cool in your pocket
You can’t unlock it
You can’t help but decide it’s alright

Oh what a beautiful sight you are to me
Oh what a beautiful night

Cool in your pocket
Rocks for your rocket ride
Cool in your pocket
Pleasure or prophet
You can’t stop this night outisde

Oh what a beautiful night

Side up the revelry
Roll out the cavalry
Into the waters we dive
Shimmers of the cosmos
Ripple the uptmost
Of the quivering tide

Locks for your locket
You can’t unlock his fist
Rocks for your rocket
You can’t unlock his shocks
For your socket eyes that shine

Oh what a beautiful sight you are to me
Oh what a beautiful night

Night, night
What a beautiful night

Oh California
Look what you’ve done
Look what you’ve done to me
Oh Chicago
I’m coming home
I’m coming home to you

Track listing

US promo CD
1."Owata"Billy Corgan3:39

Release history

Released Label Catalog ID Format Country Discogs MusicBrainz
2011 Rocket Science CD US 5493131 15a3c993-d2ab-488b-919b-2dec8994d0e2 [1]


Live Smashing PumpkinsLive
Teargarden by KaleidyscopeVol. 3 (Stand-alone songs)Studio
OwataUS promo CDPromo


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