Adore Demos I

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Adore Demos I
Bootleg of
ReleasedFebruary 1997
RecordedFebruary 1997

Adore Demos I is a non-commercial bootleg album of The Smashing Pumpkins. It was the first collection of Adore-era demos to circulate in early 1997, originally from cassette. "Annie-Dog" is the same recording as on Adore.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."For Martha" (The Other Side)5:45
2."Chewing Gum"3:02
3."The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete"5:07
5."Once in a While"3:48
6."Do You Close Your Eyes When You Kiss Me?" (Do You Close Your Eyes)3:14
7."My Mistake"4:06
8."Blissed and Gone" (I Need You Around)3:24
9."The End Is the Beginning Is the End" (Batman Take 1)5:33
10."The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning" (Batman Take 2)4:45
Total length:42:25

Release history[edit | edit source]

Released Label Catalog ID Format Country External sites
February 1997 Digital MusicBrainz [1]

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