...Said Sadly

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"...Said Sadly"
Song by The Smashing Pumpkins
ReleasedOctober 23, 1995
Studio sessionsAugust 1995 – Bugg Studios
Songwriter(s)James Iha
Producer(s)James Iha, Kerry Brown

"...Said Sadly" is a song from the The Smashing Pumpkins' box set, The Aeroplane Flies High. It was written by James Iha and originally released on the "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" single.

The song is a duet between Iha and Veruca Salt singer and guitarist, Nina Gordon, and features a guest piano appearance by Keith Brown.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

JI=James Iha, NG=Nina Gordon (of Veruca Salt), J+N=both.

JI: You should know that I love you
     We should love like lovers do
     And I can't help but fall for you
     Ah honey I'm just a fool
     Now you know

NG: Darling, I'll never be true
     You see, for so long I was blue
JI: (I'm not the only one)
NG: And if I hurt, then you will, too
     Ah honey I always lose
     Now you know

J+N: Lover, when will you?
JI: I'm so afraid that no one cares
J+N: Lover, can't find you
JI: I swear to God don't leave me here
J+N: Now you know

J+N: Oh, you know that it can't be
     But no one else here really means
JI: (Anything to me)
J+N: If you hurt inside
     If you confide in me again

NG: Since you ran away
JI: Hold me now, tell me how
     Love is ours

J+N: Lover, when will you?
     I'm so afraid that noone cares
     Lover, can't find you
     And no one knows what brings us here
JI: Hold me now
NG: Hold me now
JI: Tell me how
J+N: Love is ours


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