United States 2019 tour

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United States 2019 tour
Tour by Billy Corgan
Start date2019-11-04
End date2019-11-20
No. of shows12
No. of cities8
No. of countries1
Billy Corgan tour chronology



Songs performed

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
To Scatter One's Own 11 (original)
Hard Times 11 (original)
Cri de Coeur 11 (original)
Dancehall 11 (original)
Aeronaut 10 (original)
Hangin' On 10 The Gosdin Brothers
Tonight, Tonight 9 (original)
Violet Rays 9 (original)
Disarm 9 (original)
Half-Life of an Autodidact 9 (original)
Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) 9 (original)
Buffalo Boys 9 (original)
Archer 8 (original)
Anon 8 (original)
Spaceboy 8 (original)
Cotillions (song) 7 (original)
Fragile, The Spark 6 (original)
Another Bridge to Burn 6 Little Jimmy Dickens
Perfect 5 (original)
The Empty Sea 5 (original)
Thirty-Three 5 (original)
Ugly 5 (original)
Waiting for a Train That Never Comes 5 (original)
Little Maggie 5 traditional
Will There Be Any Stars? 5 Alison Krauss & The Cox Family
Apologia 5 (original)
The Spaniards 5 (original)
Rider 4 (original)
1979 4 (original)
Luna 4 (original)
Faithless Darlin' 4 (original)
Zowie 4 (original)
Endless Summer 4 (original)
Processional 4 (original)
Black Lung 4 (original)
Travels 4 (original)
Jupiter's Lament 4 (original)
La Dolly Vita 3 (original)
Along the Santa Fe Trail 3 Ray Noble
Oh, My Darling Clementine 3 traditional
Nights in White Satin 3 The Moody Blues
Mandarynne 3 (original)
Cast a Stone 3 (original)
Knights of Malta 3 (original)
Wound 2 (original)
Martinets 2 (original)
To Sheila 2 (original)
Cherry 2 (original)
Peace + Love 2 (original)
Today 2 (original)
Age of Innocence 2 (original)
Every Time the Sun Comes Up 2 Sharon Van Etten
The Long Goodbye 2 (original)
Daphne Descends 1 (original)
For Martha 1 (original)
Shame 1 (original)
Happy Birthday to You 1 Patty Hill / Mildred J. Hill
Purr Snickety 1 (original)
A Song for a Son 1 (original)
Glass and the Ghost Children 1 (original)
Blew Away 1 (original)
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 1 Hank Williams
Blue Skies Bring Tears 1 (original)
In the Arms of Sleep 1 (original)
Wish You Were Here 1 Pink Floyd
To Forgive 1 (original)