Thirty Days

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Thirty Days
Video release by
RecordedJanuary 11 – February 8, 2017
LabelMartha's Music
ProducerBilly Corgan

Thirty Days was a month-long road trip that Billy Corgan took throughout rural America in January and February 2017. Each day he posted or streamed a video online documenting his travels along with various cover songs. Off-camera, songs were written that eventually became Cotillions.

Chronology and songs performed[edit | edit source]

No.TitleWriter(s)Date / link to videoLength
1."It Begins" January 113:46
2."The Runaway Train" January 126:21
2a."Presence of the Lord"Eric Clapton 3:03
3."Lillian & Life" January 137:47
3a."Gentle Annie"Stephen Foster 1:47
4."Social Billy" January 148:00
4a."The End of the World" (Skeeter Davis)Arthur Kent, Sylvia Dee 2:39
4b."Snail"Billy Corgan  
5."Love on Third" January 157:17
5a."Oh, My Darling Clementine"Traditional  
6."Good Food, Good Family" January 168:06
7."In The Wild" January 175:46
7a."For a Spanish Guitar"Gene Clark  
8."Lost Highway" January 187:39
8a."All Ashore"Billy Hill 1:23
8b."Lost Highway" (Hank Williams)Leon Payne 2:04
9."R & R" January 195:50
9a."Mayonaise"Billy Corgan, James Iha  
10."Baby, I..." January 205:40
10a."Baby, I Love You"Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich 2:17
11."Delta Blues" January 2112:19
12."From The Ruins..." January 227:34
13."Wild-Eyed Child of The Sun" January 238:54
13a."To Forgive"Billy Corgan 1:30
13b."Muzzle"Billy Corgan 1:21
13c."Galapogos"Billy Corgan  
14."Lost But Found" January 247:54
15."Questions" January 2513:33
15a."La Dolly Vita"   
16."Laredo" January 2613:49
16a."Lost Highway"Leon Payne  
16b."I Know You Rider"Traditional  
16c."1979"Billy Corgan  
16d."The End of the World"Arthur Kent, Sylvia Dee  
17."Road to San Antone" January 275:48
17a."New San Antonio Rose"Bob Wills 1:12
18."The Cave" January 286:35
19."Texas" January 293:26
20."Signs" January 306:51
20a."Mayonaise"Billy Corgan, James Iha  
21."Springs" January 316:34
21a."Like Lambs" (early version)Billy Corgan  
22."Blue Prairie" February 14:00
22a."Blue Prairie"Sons of the Pioneers  
23."Roswell" February 23:10
24."Robert Mirabal" February 39:33
25."Toas" February 411:51
25a."All Along the Watchtower" (with Robert Mirabal)Bob Dylan  
25b."The End of the World"Arthur Kent, Sylvia Dee  
25c."New San Antonio Rose"Bob Wills  
25d."Something" (The Beatles)George Harrison  
26."Monument Road" February 52:12
26a."Cry, Cry Darlin'"Bill Monroe 2:00
27."Go Big or Go Sedona" February 57:21
28."Tommy" February 611:02
29."Route 66" February 713:47
29a."I Go to Pieces" (Peter and Gordon)Del Shannon 2:34
30."End of the Line" February 812:24

Thirty Days: Revisited[edit | edit source]

On November 4, 2019, a short film entitled Thirty Days: Revisited was released on YouTube that featured clips of unreleased songs from Cotillions, and previously unreleased footage from the Thirty Days series.

Thirty Days: Revisited
Thirty Days: Revisited
1."To Scatter One's Own" 
2."Cri de Coeur" 
4."Faithless Darlin'" 
Total length:16:04

Release history[edit | edit source]

Released Label Catalog ID Format Country External sites
February 2017 Martha's Music Digital Worldwide [1]
November 4, 2019 Martha's Music Digital Worldwide [2]

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Billy Corgan – vocals, guitar, piano, narrating, executive production
  • David Lagana – direction
  • Joseph Hudson – 2nd unit, editing

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