The True Poets of Zwan tour

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The True Poets of Zwan tour
Tour by Zwan
Start date2001-11-14
End date2001-11-21
No. of shows5
No. of cities5
No. of countries1
Zwan tour chronology

The The True Poets of Zwan tour was the first set of shows by Billy Corgan's newly formed side project Zwan. It was a brief tour of Los Angeles-area clubs along with a single show in San Diego. The band was billed as The True Poets of Zwan, and this would come to be known as the electric incarnation of Zwan, the other being the acoustic Djali Zwan.

Dates[edit | edit source]

Songs performed[edit | edit source]

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
What Have They Done to Me 7 (original)
Of a Broken Heart 6 (original)
El Sol 6 (original)
Glorious 6 (original)
Never Give Up 5 (original)
The Empty Sea 5 (original)
Sorrow 5 (original)
My Life and Times 5 (original)
The Shining Path 5 (original)
Cast a Stone 4 (original)
What the World Needs Now Is Love 4 Burt Bacharach / Hal David
Jesus, I 4 traditional
Don't Let Me Down 4 The Beatles
How Things Are Supposed to Be 4 (original)
Chrysanthemum 4 (original)
Permanence 3 (original)
Spilled Milk 2 (original)
W.P. 2 (original)
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You 1 Bob Dylan
Roxy 1 (original)

Songs teased[edit | edit source]

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
I'm Waiting for the Man 4 The Velvet Underground
Who We Be 2 DMX
Don't Let Me Down 1 The Beatles
The Star-Spangled Banner 1 Francis Scott Key

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