The Smashing Pumpkins 2018-08-02

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August 2, 2018 – Holmdel Township, NJ, US
Live performance by The Smashing Pumpkins
30th Anniversary Series tour
DateAugust 2, 2018
VenuePNC Bank Arts Center
Coordinates40°23′36″N 74°10′32″W
LocationHolmdel Township, NJ, US
Venue typeAmphitheater
PersonnelBilly Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, Jeff Schroeder, Jack Bates, Katie Cole, Chino Moreno, Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer, Mark McGrath, Courtney Love, Peter Hook, Davey Havok
Order of bandsMetric, The Smashing Pumpkins

The August 2, 2018 show was the famed The Smashing Pumpkins 30th Anniversary Show. The roughly two and a half hour show included several guest artists, including Courtney Love (Hole), Chino Moreno (Deftones), Peter Hook (Joy Division and New Order; his son Jack Bates plays bass for the Pumpkins), Dave Keuning and former Pumpkins touring bass player Mark Stoermer, both of The Killers, and Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray.

Full performance

Setlist[edit | edit source]

  1. "Rocket
  2. "Siva
  3. "Rhinoceros
  4. "Zero
  5. "The Everlasting Gaze
  6. "Stand Inside Your Love
  7. "Thirty-Three(acoustic) 
  8. "Eye
  9. "Soma
  10. "Blew Away
  11. "Mayonaise
  12. "Bodies(final performance)
  13. "Snail
  14. "Tonight, Tonight
  15. "Stairway to Heaven" [Led Zeppelin
  16. "Cherub Rock
  17. "1979
  18. "Fly" [Sugar Ray(only performance)
  19. "Breaking the Law" [Judas Priest(live debut)
  20. "Today
  21. "Celebrity Skin" [Hole(only performance)
  22. "Malibu" [Hole(final performance)
  23. "Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  24. "Age of Consent" [New Order(only performance)
  25. "Transmission" [Joy Division(final performance)
  26. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" [Joy Division(final performance)

Encore[edit | edit source]

  1. "Mistreated" [Deep Purple(tease) 
  2. "Solara
  3. "Baby Mine" [Betty Noyes

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • "Bodies" and "Snail" with Chino Moreno on vocals
  • "Cherub Rock" and "1979" with Dave Keuning on guitar and Mark Stoermer on bass
  • "Fly" and "Breaking the Law" with Mark McGrath on vocals
  • "Celebrity Skin", "Malibu", "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart" with Courtney Love on vocals
  • "Age of Consent", "Transmission" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart" with Peter Hook on bass and vocals
  • "Transmission" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart" with Davey Havok on vocals
  • First full band performance of "Snail" since 2000-08-24 and last until 2022-05-06
  • First performance of "Bodies" since 2008-12-08
  • First performance of "Malibu" since 2016-05-01

Banter[edit | edit source]

BC: Friends, friends, welcome to the show! We’re the Smashing Pumpkins, we’re very happy to be with you tonight. That’s it.
> The Everlasting Gaze
Stand Inside Your Love
Iha: Hello. Hey Jersey. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for coming out, um, how are you? It’s so, uh, hot and humid. It’s making the music...cook in this weird way. Um, uh, thank you so much for coming out, uh, we have many more rock songs and surprises coming up. Lots of special surprises that are not on the other part of the tour, the part of the tour you didn’t see and that’s why it makes it special.
Thirty-three (acoustic)
Blew Away
BC: So ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our 30th anniversary show. And before I bring out our first guest, our very first special guest, I have to tell you a quick story if you just bear with me, a quick story. So last night we played New York, Madison Square Garden, sold out. I recognize some faces that are here so thank you so much for being there. But after the show, somebody said to me: “So tomorrow, it’s the 30th anniversary show, is it the anniversary?” I was like, “No no, it’s close but we’re gonna do other 30th anniversary shows, but...” and the person said “But why New Jersey?” Heh heh heh. “Why not Chicago or L.A. or New York?”and I said “Listen, one of the first places in America that supported the Smashing Pumpkins was New Jersey.”
Iha: For real, New Jersey.
BC: There’s one thing we know: you rock hard, you party hard, you live hard, but you’re hard, right? You’re just hard.
Iha: That’s New Jersey!
BC: Hahaha. Listen, we’re so happy to be with you tonight and our first guest is a young man I’ve had my eye on for years. You know him from his band, the Deftones, Mr. Chino Moreno.
Bodies (with Chino Moreno)
Chino: Thank you for coming to [unintelligible].
Iha: [unintelligible]
BC: Thank you!
Chino or Iha: [unintelligible]
BC: Hello man. So, we asked Chino to play with us, we said “What songs you wanna do?” and he wanted to do this old school song. I said, “New Jersey’s tough, man, it’s not....” This is a song from our first album called Snail.
Snail (with Chino Moreno)
BC: Chino Moreno, wow! Haha, we got lots more surprises.
Tonight, Tonight
short lounge interlude (most is tape but Katie plays organ live)
> Stairway to Heaven
Iha: Who likes special guests? Everybody likes a special guest. We got two more special guests.
BC: Would you like me to introduce the special guests?
Iha: No.
Billy: No?
Iha: Yes.
BC: Are you introducing the special guests?
Iha: You may introduce the special, awesome guest.
BC: Ladies and gentlemen, joining us from the Killers, Mark Stoermer and Dave Keuning.
Iha: Two awesome guys, ready to rock.
BC: Let’s give them a round of warm Smashing Pumpkins style applause.
Iha: I think we’re gonna play some Stevie Ray Vaughan songs but that’s not gonna happen.
Cherub Rock (with Dave Keuning & Mark Stoermer)
Iha: Alright, alright, alright. Thank you, New Jersey. ... How ‘bout another favorite song of yours? I’m guessin’’s a year, it’s a date, it’s a magical place, it’s a magical song. It’s...I’m not gonna say. It’s 1979.
Radio Intro tape
> 1979 (with Dave Keuning & Mark Stoermer)
BC: Alright Jeff, I need a little bit of groove to bring out our next guest.
Fly (with Mark McGrath)
(BC over intro: Now this next young man, you know as a star of music, stage and screen. He’s been in your heart for some twenty years. I’ve had dreams about him, heh heh. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Mark McGrath!)
(McGrath: Smashing Pumpkins, ladies and gentlemen!)
McGrath: Whoo! Joe Lee Ray (?), only in New Jersey.
Unknown person: [completely unintelligible]
McGrath: I think I speak on behalf of everybody here tonight, um, thank you for the 30 years of music. I think the Brian Wilson of my generation, my friend, and I say that on bended knee. And thank you to the greatest band of all time, Smashing Pumpkins!
Breaking the Law (with Mark McGrath)
BC: Mark McGrath, thank you, brother!
McGrath: I’ve been doing [unintelligible], New Jersey, thanks for letting me be a small part, I’m a big fan.
BC: Thank you so much everybody, we’re having such a great time, we hope you’re having a great time with us. Now this next special guest and I and actually the whole entire Smashing Pumpkins, we go waaay back to about 1990. Do you remember 1990, James?
Iha: I don’t. I don’t.
BC: The marvelous three.... So it’s a blurry year unless you remember the day we met this young lady.
Iha: Yes.
BC: She was in this band called Hole. They, they had like kind of a few minor indie hits and then they just faded into obscurity. I jest! One of my favorite people in the world. We’ve made love, we’ve not made love, we’ve made up, we’ve broken up, but we’re back together again like George and Tammy. Ladies and gentlemen, my dearest friend, Ms. Courtney Love!
Iha: Thank you.
Love: Nemesis. Best friend. Lover. And what a lover! And I asked for permission to say that. Worst friend. Best friend. Protector. Career maker. I love this man with all my soul.
BC: You ready?
Love: And he covered, like, the songs that, like, keep me sustained, so let’s go MOTHERFUCKER!!!
Celebrity Skin (with Courtney Love)
Love: Mostly written by Billy Corgan, ladies and gentlemen. The riff came out and I was like, “That sucks” and he goes, “No, the kids will love it” and I said, “No, Billy, that sucks” and he goes, “No, the kids will love it,” so here’s the deal: BILLY’S ALWAYS RIGHT!! This is a song that I wrote for Stevie Nicks and then Billy made it so good I kept it for myself. True story.
Malibu (with Courtney Love)
BC: Ms. Courtney Love!
Love: Ms. Billy Corgan. ... Can I ask you a question, Billy? On the next song, I only get the choruses, right?
BC: Yep.
Love: Okay. I’m gonna hate you for this forever, I worked so hard.
Iha: I say you do the verses too, at least the second verse.
Love: I know but you made my career with this. I can actually sing this but they want...(Billy plays first chord)....go.
BC: Can we go now, Courtney? ‘Cause people are gonna hate this song.
Love: Yes, Corgan, yes, yes, yes. Ugh.
Bullet with Butterfly Wings (with Courtney Love)
BC: Ms. Love.
Love: Goodnight, motherfuckers. I love you, good night!
Iha: That’s it for Courtney Love. Give her danger. More special guests or special guest, next guest. Have any of you bought the t-shirt from Urban Outfitters that has a wavy, architectural sort of non-stake and you don’t know what it is? It’s a band called Joy Division. It’s a band called New Order. They’re not from [unintelligible] but they’re awesome. Um, an awesome, legendary iconic guy, Mr. Peter Hook. Peter Hook.
Hook: Good evening. Heh heh heh, I’d like to thank, uh, Billy and the Smashing Pumpkins for inviting me, and as the only English guest, there’s no pressure. So, Billy wanted me to play a New Order song, which we’re going to handle tonight and, uh, I hope you enjoy it.
Age of Consent (with Peter Hook)
Hook: And one last thank you to this man for looking after my son, Jack.
Iha: On the bass, on the bass, Mr. Jack Bates.
BC: Jack Batessssss!
Iha: And Mr. Peter Hook.
BC: It’s spelled B-A-S-S-T-S. Now, as if that wasn’t enough, Peter, we love you, we go way back with you, we have another special guest. From the band AFI, Mr. Davey Havok.
Transmission (with Davey Havok & Peter Hook)
Hook: And by way of, uh, “good night” from Manchester, this is, uh, Billy’s request, okay? Thank you. Love Will Tear Us Apart!
Love Will Tear Us Apart (with Peter Hook, Davey Havok & Courtney Love)
[encore break]
Mistreated (tease)
BC: Before we go, we wanna say thank you, thank you so much. We’re so blessed by you to be with us tonight. We can’t thank you enough, we hope you have had a great time. Can I take that sign? Heh heh heh.
Iha: Uh.
BC: Now this young man out here wants to know if I’m his father.
Iha: I believe that is not true.
BC: And he’s been chasing me on Instagram for a while and though this is a bit embarrassing, I think I should address this right now: young man, I am not your father.
Iha: Alright, let’s, uh...
BC: ...but I did fuck your mother.
Iha: Alright, so, uh, let’s thank Chino...
BC: But not in a way that she can get pregnant.
Iha: Alright, let’s thank Chino, Mark and Dave from the Killers, Mr. Peter Hook, Davey...
BC: Maybe, maybe I’m just New Jersey, anything goes, anything fuckin’ goes in this state. You can drive as fast as you want, you just do whatever you want, it’s the coolest state. Did you know that, James?
Iha: What can you do here?
BC: You can do anything you want!
Iha: Oh okay.
BC: Anything!
Iha: That sounds great.
BC: I banged New Jersey.
Iha: I think I know that.
BC: You can dream, you can...
Iha: You can dream big.
BC: Heh heh. Anyway, we’ve had such a great time, I-I hope you’ve felt that from us. We have some of the greatest fans in the world. We can’t thank you enough. So drive safe, this is our last song.
Baby Mine
Iha: Thank you so much, New Jersey, we really appreciate it. You guys have been awesome. Have a good night, drive safe.

Photos[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

"Bodies" with vocals by Chino Moreno of Deftones
"Snail" with vocals by Moreno
Sugar Ray's "Fly", with Mark McGrath
Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law" with McGrath
"Malibu" with Love
New Order's "Age of Consent" with Peter Hook