The Smashing Pumpkins 1996-09-20

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September 20, 1996 – East Lansing, MI, US
Live performance by The Smashing Pumpkins
Infinite Sadness tour
DateSeptember 20, 1996
VenueBreslin Center
Coordinates42°43′42″N 84°29′33″W
LocationEast Lansing, MI, US
Venue typeArena
PersonnelBilly Corgan, James Iha, D'arcy Wretzky, Matt Walker, Dennis Flemion, Jimmy Flemion
Order of bandsGrant Lee Buffalo, The Smashing Pumpkins

Setlist[edit | edit source]

  1. "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" (prerecorded) 
  2. "Where Boys Fear to Tread
  3. "Zero
  4. "Cherub Rock
  5. "To Forgive
  6. "Tonight, Tonight
  7. "Today
  8. "Thru the Eyes of Ruby
  9. "Siva" [9:12] 
  10. "Disarm(acoustic) 
  11. "Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  12. (improv jam)
  13. "Fuck You
  14. "Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
    1. "Rocket(tease) 

Encore one[edit | edit source]

  1. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" [Iron Butterfly(tease) 
  2. "X.Y.U.

Encore two[edit | edit source]

  1. "Say Yes to Michigan" [unknown(tease) 
  2. "1979
  3. "Muzzle

Notes[edit | edit source]

Banter[edit | edit source]

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Intro
Where Boys Fear to Tread
> Zero
Cherub Rock
BC: Good evening. Thank you very much for coming to our concert. We appreciate it very much.
To Forgive
“Thank you for participating” tape
> Tonight, Tonight
> Planet of the Apes clip
> Thru the Eyes of Ruby
[tape cut, banter likely missing]
Disarm (acoustic)
Circus tape
> Bullet with Butterfly Wings
improv jam
(Iha: [high pitched and unintelligible])
> Fuck You
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans / Rocket
[encore break]
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (tease)
(Iha: My friends of East Lansing, a quick question. My quick question to you: is rock and roll dead? Are you sure? Have we been too psychedelic for you? Everybody having a reasonable time here? Alright. Well, I just want to know one thing: are you people ready to rock? Are you scream your brains out? [unintelligible] Are you willing to give up your life for rock and roll? [unintelligible], it’s just music. Music is like [unintelligible word], it’s got wallpaper, riding a bicycle...I don’t know, is it worth giving up your life? [unintelligible]. Alright, what if I just scream senselessly? (screams) Now that, that seems to get a bigger reaction than anything I could possibly say or do. So let’s just...keep this thing together and me and you, me and you, [unintelligible]. Let’s just get it on, come on! Come on! [unintelligible] (Billy soloing) Fuckin’ Jeff Beck style! [unintelligible] Come on! [unintelligible] Yeah! In-fucking-In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Alright. I’m sorry, I just lost my mind for a minute there. We’ll just uh, we’ll just get right back to the rock and roll concert at any second. I’m -- I’ll try to be calm, I will.)
> X.Y.U.
[encore break]
Iha: Thanks, you guys. I don’t know if I could sing [unintelligible]. I said I don’t know the song, if you wanna sing it, go ahead.
D’arcy: I was reminded of a little jingle I heard once.
Say Yes to Michigan (tease)
D’arcy: It’s something about like (singing) say yes to Michigan. Say yes, yes, yes, say yes. (speaking) Anybody remember that?
Iha: Well, ladies and....
BC: [unintelligible] keep saying no.
Iha: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a savior for tonight in the form of a green spangled magi, all the way from Milwaukee, a warm round of applause for Jimmy Frog of The Frogs! [unintelligible word] Jimmy Frog.
Jimmy Frog: Hi, thank you guys.
Iha: His brother Dennis Frog on the keyboards. Yes. And on the -- the uh, Keith Moon, heh heh, on the drums, Matt “Cosmo” Walker, yes. So we’re all here, we’re all having fun, now let’s all dance and just be crazy. Don’t you wanna dance? [unintelligible 3 words], don’t you wanna dance, just be crazy? Don’t you wanna dance and be crazy? Alright, heh. I -- maybe just play guitar and sing is better.
1979 (with Jimmy Flemion)
Iha: Thank you, sunburn rash Jimmy. A round of applause for Jimmy Frog, [unintelligible]. Milwaukee’s very best.
BC: Well, this is probably the last one we’re going to play, thank you very much for coming. I haven’t seen you for a while and [unintelligible].
Iha: Watch out, he will [unintelligible].
BC: I’d like to thank the dick guy who wrote we sucked before and we’re probably gonna suck even worse now in the local paper. Us three [unintelligible] have this experience of playing in a rock band, I hope he has a nice decade too.
Iha: Heh heh. This is for him.
BC: We used to get bad reviews after we leave the town but it’s nice to get a bad review before we even play. So we’d like to thank him and his family for raising him from a corrupt spermatozoa to a [unintelligible]. And I’m sure his band is real good too. We’re all in this together!
Iha: Yes, we are.
D’arcy: Billy, Billy, I wish you wouldn’t say that four-letter word tonight, my mother’s in the audience tonight.
BC: What?
D’arcy: I think you should apologize to her and her virgin ears.
Iha: D’arcy’s mother is here tonight.
BC: I’d like to apologize to D’arcy’s mother, um, I don’t normally curse but tonight’s a strange exception and I apologize yet again.
D’arcy: We never swear, [2 unintelligible words], Mom.
Iha: This next song goes out to D’arcy’s mother, Inga!
D’arcy: That’s cute, heh heh heh.
BC: We’d like to thank D’arcy’s mother for having D’arcy.
Iha: Yes! A round of applause for the 28 years, the 28 years you had to put up with Miss D’arcy.
D’arcy: What do you mean, 28? I’m only 19.
Iha: Well, in her mind, she went down to [unintelligible]...10 or so years.
BC: If it wasn’t for D’arcy’s mom, there wouldn’t be no Smashing Pumpkins.
Iha: So...if I could [unintelligible] to D’arcy’s mother, yes.
BC: Maybe that guy way up -- right up there would be [unintelligible] now.
Iha: In fact, this next song goes out to all our moms and all our dads and uh, all your moms and dads too, so...let’s not.
BC: Yeah, yeah, I would second that because one of your mothers or fathers might actually be my mother or father, so...god bless their [unintelligible word] in the slight chance that maybe I’m your lost [unintelligible word].
D’arcy: He might even be your father. That’s just a joke.
BC: I may be old but, heh heh heh, not that old.
Iha: And there’s a ch -- there’s a chance that in the next decade, we will colonize Mars because we all [unintelligible word].
BC: So uh, study art, even though school is totally pointless, [unintelligible]. As you can see, we did not do well in school and look at us, we’re perfect human beings.
Iha: I like school.
BC: Hello, if we’d gone to school, all those bad things wouldn’t have happened to us.
Iha: That’s right, guys. This one goes out to my high school, Elk Grove High School.
BC: We’d like to send a special dedication to all the teachers out there. You must have an impossible job. That’s a lot of [unintelligible]. Your pets maybe, special one for the pets.
Iha: Bugg, my dog Bugg, yes.
Iha: Thanks.

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