The Smashing Pumpkins 1993-08-14

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August 14, 1993 – Chicago, IL, US
Live performance by The Smashing Pumpkins
Rock Invasion tour
DateAugust 14, 1993
Coordinates41°56′59″N 87°39′40″W
LocationChicago, IL, US
Venue typeClub
PersonnelBilly Corgan, James Iha, D'arcy Wretzky, Jimmy Chamberlin, Eric Remschneider
Order of bandsRed Red Meat, The Smashing Pumpkins

The August 14, 1993 was the third performance of a three-night run at the Metro in August 1993. This show is the source of the 3 Feet High bootleg, as well as the Live at the Metro, 1993 DVD included with the 2011 Siamese Dream reissue.

Setlist[edit | edit source]

Soundcheck[1][edit | edit source]

  1. "Galapogos
  2. "Dizzle
  3. "Disarm

Set[edit | edit source]

  1. "Rocket
  2. "Quiet
  3. "Today
  4. "Rhinoceros
  5. "Geek U.S.A.
  6. "Soma
  7. "I Am One
  8. "Disarm
  9. "Spaceboy
  10. "Symphony No. 5" [Beethoven(tease) 
  11. "Starla" [8:34] 
  12. "Cherub Rock
  13. "Bury Me
  14. "Hummer
  15. "Siva" [6:11] 

Encore one[edit | edit source]

  1. "Mayonaise

Encore two[edit | edit source]

  1. "Drown" [6:02] 
  2. "Silverfuck" [11:31] 
    1. "Over the Rainbow" [Harold Arlen / Yip Harburg(tease) 
  3. "Bye June
  4. "Rock and Roll, Part 1" [Gary Glitter(tease) 

Notes[edit | edit source]

Banter[edit | edit source]

Frank E. Lee: [cuts in] ...tonight and we are there! This is Metro, I'm Frank E. Lee from XRT. And I just want to say before we go any further, tonight's show is being taped for a future Sunday night concert broadcast. So be enthusiastic. We do have...we have a brief commercial announcement here. Alright. You know, you really can't call 'em a local band anymore because their major label debut, Siamese Dream, has made them a global phenomenon.
Iha: We're as big as Survivor.
BC: Yeah, Survivor. Sort of like Survivor.
Lee: One of the best albums of the year. So let's welcome them, let's warmly welcome Smashing Pumpkins!
BC: Are you ready?!! (crowd roars) Yeah, but are you ready to rock?
Iha: We salute you.
BC: Hi. Unh unh, I'm not your whore now, I'm not gonna do your bidding. The old me? This is the new me, the old me, see, the old new me.
Geek U.S.A.
Iha: Thank you so very much.
I Am One
BC: This is Eric, Everybody say hi to Eric.
D’arcy: Eric is the rock and roll cellist.
BC: He's got better hair than we do, that tells you a lot. Eric, um, Eric played with us on the new album so we thought we'd have him come play tonight. It's not easy carrying around a cello, let me tell you. Let me tell you though, he gets a lot of girls with this thing. Alright, I'm don't get a lot of girls. So um, this is called Disarm.
Disarm (with Eric Remschneider)
BC: Eric Remschneider. So um, seeing this is an intimate gathering, um...yeah, I know. This is a song about my little brother who's up there tonight and uh, say hi. His name is Jesse, so hey –- hi Jesse. (laughing) Heyyy, heh heh, heh heh heh. So this is called, um, Spaceboy.
Spaceboy (with Eric Remschneider)
BC: Thank you. So, we'd like to do one more song with Eric ‘cause we don't want to make him go and come back and....
Guy in crowd: Daydream!
BC: No, sorry, we can't play that, but...heh heh...but um, you probably don't know this song, but...sorry.
Another guy in crowd: [unintelligible]!
BC: No, no, just let us play whatever we want to play, you know.
Symphony No. 5 (tease - Billy hums the beginning and Eric copies)
BC: Yeah, I know, we've sold out, it’s okay, don't worry about it.
Starla (with Eric Remschneider)
BC: Eric! ... Uh, you're not bored, are you? (crowd cheers) If you're bored, we'll stop. Heh heh. Are you bored?
Iha: Oh no. Come on, kids, let's rock.
Cherub Rock
Bury Me
BC: Thanks. I just like-–‘kay, wait, shh, one second. That was-–that song we just played is called Hummer. And see, that -- that's a song about my life, right, and, well, just wait, and um, so like you write a song about your life, you write the way you feel and then you put out a record and some asshole from the Sun-Times writes that your –- your lyrics are sophomoric and the song is stupid. So, seeing as I'm not gonna be in Chicago for six weeks, I'd just like to say fuck the Sun-Times! And I'd like to dedicate the song to assholes across America, without you we wouldn't have anything to complain about.
Guy in crowd: Irony! Irony!!
BC: Yeah, irony, I learned it in high school, yeah, irony. It’s when I say something that I kinda mean and you know, you understand, you went to high school too, I guess. So, we'd like to kick your ass one more time with an oldie but a goodie, heh.
(BC during quiet part after guitar solo: Hey man, leave her alone! Just leave her alone, let her play, you know? Don't you have some headless female to grog over, you know? You don't have to come here and do it. (sings) All this pain smothers me / like a bomb that you can’t see / tell me, tell me what you’re after / I just wanna get there faster. (band stops and pauses for 45 seconds) (speaking) Alright, wait, shhhh, shhh, we're gonna achieve something rare at a concert: silence. Shhh, shhh.
Guy in crowd: Jimmy rules!
BC: Yeah, I know he does, but shh. Just play the game, please, just shut up. Shhh, shhh, shhh. (band continues to end of song))
[encore break]
BC: Hi! Huh? I can't, I'm deaf, I.... So we'd like to do a song from See-a-meese Dream. And it's called Mayonaise.
(BC at beginning of verse 3: (singing) Shut my mouth and strike -- (speaking) oh, wrong words, sorry. Heh! (singing) Mother weep the years I'm missin'...)
[encore break]
Iha: We thank you all for coming tonight and sweating with us. We dedicate this next song, Sweat, to you.
BC: So that's James, that's D'arcy, that's Jimmy and I'm Fred. I’m -- I'm Billy's evil twin. Billy would've liked to been here tonight but...he was too busy being sad.
Iha: Too busy being sad and listening to Seventeen Seconds.
BC: So what do you wanna hear? It’s an open slate.
Iha: (dumb guy voice) I wanna hear that song, uh, I wanna hear that song from that, uh, the really fuckin' cool soundtrack that starred, uh, Matt Fonda.
(crowd yelling)
BC: For the last time, we do not know that song, whatever it is the one that you're yelling. No, we don't know Jagoff, you know, don’t know that one. Jerk, no, don’t know that one.
Iha: We know -– we do know Faggot though.
BC: Wanna play Layla? (plays wild guitar noise) That was Layla.
BC: Thank you, thank you. Alright, we're only gonna play one more song, (laughing) no, no,
Iha: (dumb guy voice) “Play –- play Even Flow.”
BC: Don't give me this “that's a bummer.” After this song, you don't wanna hear no more!
Iha: We'll be so bombastic you'll never wanna hear music again.
BC: Yeah, you won't even wanna listen to records anymore after this song, so don’t complain! Your life will be better without records, trust me.
Iha: Play two more songs.
BC: In fact, you know, donate all that money to the poor or something, just don't buy records. It's only bad for the brain and the heart and the soul and the butt.
Iha: Just give it to StreetWise.
BC: So this is the last great song on Planet Earth from the last great band on the planet Earth.
Iha: Electric Light Orchestra!
BC: No, ‘cause...I'm telling you, the 1999, the aliens will be here and that'll be the end of our civilization, so you might as well get used to it now. Find your last stuff that you like and...‘cause after that we're gonna all be molded with the aliens and then we won't have humans anymore.
Iha: I've –- I’ve been abducted once, I've been abducted once.
BC: Can’t you tell he's been abducted?
Iha: Once, it’s cool.
BC: Show ‘em the triangle! See, he has the triangle –- anyway, enough bullshit. Oh wait, let's everyone scream all at once, we'll just get it all off our chest, ready? (screams) (crowd screaming) Woo! There, you feel better?
Silverfuck / Over the Rainbow
Bye June (Billy a cappella with light accompaniment from Iha on drums)
> Rock and Roll, Part 1 (tease - Billy singing with Iha on drums)
BC: Goodnight, thank you. Thank you, thank you. Thank you, that's great.

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"Dizzle" and "Disarm" soundcheck

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