The Hideout: Compilation One

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The Hideout: Compilation One
Bootleg of

The Hideout: Compilation One is a bootleg album of Zwan that compiles live recordings from a series of shows from Jack Sweeney's Open Mic residency in September–November 2002 at The Hideout in Chicago, IL. The Hideout: Compilation Two was released the same year.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No.TitleWriter(s)Source showLength
1."I Held a Rose"Billy CorganOctober 7, 20021:44
2."Consumed"Billy CorganSeptember 9, 20023:02
3."A New Poetry"Billy CorganSeptember 23, 20024:35
4."New Room"ChavezOctober 7, 20022:53
5."Prairie Song"Billy CorganSeptember 9, 20024:36
6."I Love the Living You"Roky EricksonSeptember 16, 20022:42
7."Song for Judy"Billy CorganOctober 14, 20022:18
8."The Girl with the Sad Face"Billy CorganOctober 7, 20022:40
9."Just to See My Holly Home"Bonnie "Prince" BillyOctober 21, 20023:26
10."Diamonds"Billy CorganSeptember 30, 20023:20
11."Endless Summer"Billy Corgan 3:58
12."Desire" (bonus song)Billy CorganSeptember 16, 20024:15
13."Come with Me" (bonus song)Billy CorganSeptember 23, 20023:55
Total length:43:25

Release history[edit | edit source]

Released Label Catalog ID Format Country External sites
2002 Self-released ZWN-0927 CD Italy Discogs [1]
2002 Self-released Digital Worldwide MusicBrainz [1]