Starchildren 1994-06-18

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June 18, 1994 – Chicago, IL, US
Live performance by Starchildren
DateJune 18, 1994
VenueDouble Door
Coordinates41°54′36″N 87°40′37″W
LocationChicago, IL, US
Venue typeClub
PersonnelBilly Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, Mark Rew, Jimmy Flemion, Dennis Flemion
Order of bandsThe Frogs, Starchildren

Setlist[edit | edit source]

Frogs set (relevant songs only)[edit | edit source]

  1. "I Only Play 4 Money" [The Frogs(live debut)
  2. "Lord Grunge" [The Frogs

Starchildren set[edit | edit source]

  1. "A Night Like This" [The Cure(only performance)
  2. "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" [John Frederick Coots / Haven Gillespie(only performance)
  3. "Here Is No Why(live debut)
  4. "The Boy(only performance)
  5. "Germans in Leather Pants(only performance)
  6. "Feel the Funny(only performance)
  7. "War Jam(only performance)
  8. "Cars" [Gary Numan(only performance)
  9. "Today(tease) 
  10. "Junkie See(only performance)
  11. "Delusions of Candor(only performance)
  12. "Give Peace a Chance" [John Lennon(only performance)
    1. "Numb" [U2(tease) 
    2. "Gonna Have a Good Time (Fat Albert Theme)" [Sheldon / Fournier] (tease) 

Notes[edit | edit source]

Banter[edit | edit source]

Iha: Hello.
Mark Rew: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Iha: Or not.
BC: We are Starchildren.
Iha: We are the Starchildren. This is a -- this song is by the Cure.
A Night Like This
BC: (high pitched) Hi! ... (normal voice) This is Mickey Star and that's Joey Star. That's Phil Star and Nancy Star. That’s Mary, Jesus’ mother.
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
BC: Thanks. Hi. As usual, the newspapers are wrong...again. As was rumored, Catherine is not playing tonight. This is the third Starchildren gig. The first one was about three years ago. The second one was about two years ago.
Guy in crowd: Let’s go Starla!
BC: Well, we’ll see. Okay. Here's a –- here’s a toast to all of youse.
Here Is No Why
(piano and bass jam starts)
Iha: Oh yeah! Kickin’ in the motherfuckin' house. Come on, people, let's see some hands in the air, come on! Hey! I can't hear you, hey! Ho! Kickin' at the Double Door, here we go again, the bump and grind, R. Kelly. Go [unintelligible] Illinois. Midwest flavor, you know what I'm sayin’? We got motherfuckin Jimmy Chamberlin on the motherfuckin drums! That dope ass beat you're kickin’. Mark Rew, Mark Rew from Catherine on the motherfuckin bass. Billy C from the Pumpkins on the motherfuckin’ guitar, come on, let me hear you. I'm your MC tonight! It's hotter than hell, Kiss, yes, Paul Stanley is in the house tonight, come on. I can't hear you, come on. Yeah, that's right, the Double Door, here we are doin’ it again.
BC: Hey, uh, tell the ladies how much you love them.
Iha: All ladies, yes, you is fine. It's fuckin’ hotter than hell. Alright, we're gonna kick it into another dope jam in another second, hang on. I said hang on.
(jam ends)
Rew: Meant to wiggle.
BC: Sorry about that, somebody fucked up my synthesizer. We're goin’ new wave, man, fuck this rock shit. Alright, hit it, Mr. Iha!
Iha: Back to new wave.
The Boy
> Germans in Leather Pants
Iha: Well, we hope we're not disappointing anyone with a new wave set. It's the new direction. We feel that it's the future of music. Let's all get into it, come on.
Feel the Funny
War Jam
Iha: Thank you so much, heh. Again, we'll be getting back to the music any second. That was our War Jam. And now to the forefront, Jimmy Chamberlin. Jimmy Chamberlin for this.
BC: We need lots of light on stage so I can read these lyrics, okay?
Iha: Can I have a light spotlight for Jimmy Chamberlin, please?
BC: Yeah, can you put the spot on from the back for Jimmy, okay?
Iha: [unintelligible word]. So Jimmy, what up?
BC: So Jimmy, word up, show 'em what you can do, Jim.
(Jimmy plays a blues riff on bass)
Iha: Oh yeah, heh.
BC: And you just thought he was a drummer.
Iha: He's a...a dessert topping!
BC: That’s so fucking funky, man.
Iha: And on the drums, Mark Rew. (Cars riff starts) Come on, everybody!
Iha: Thank you. Now to the forefront, our friend Annette. A hand.
Annette: Mary, Mary! Mary.
BC: Hey James, wanna play a Pumpkins song?
Iha: Nah.
BC: Ah, fuck that shit!
Today (tease)
BC: Alright, it pays the bills, you know? Just kidding, sorry. Actually, thank you, thank you all for being so patient with us. It's uh...awful nice to not be a angry dysfunctional youth for an evening. Thank you. Tonight I will be playing the role of a well-adjusted 27 year old, thank you very much. This is Mary Magdalene, please welcome her.
Iha: I’ll test the mic, thank everyone for coming out, thank you so much. Heh heh.
Junkie See (with Annette on vocals)
BC: This is the uh, Starchildren theme. It’s uh -– it encompasses the subjects of clean living, uh, don't eat pork, read Malcolm X books, pay all your parking tickets, worship the temple of Daley, win all your World Cup games, you know, shit.
Delusions of Candor
> Instrumental Jam
BC: Alright, like to do one more song. One more encore, shit. Here are our fine-feathered friends, the Frogs. Where the fuck are you?!
Iha: Like to bring the Frogs out again. Uh, we’d like to bring the Frogs out again.
BC: Alright, we need to get the Frogs out here. Frogs! Frogs!
Crowd: Frogs! Frogs! Frogs! Frogs!
Iha: Just like Bad News Bears, let them play, come on.
BC: Let them play! Here they come.
Iha: Here they come, all the way from Milwaukee. Amazing.
Jimmy Frog: Gimme a beat.
BC: Hey, where's your fuckin’ brother Dennis? Dennis, you pussy, get up here.
Jimmy Frog: Dennis!
Iha: You know, me and Jimmy go way back. Me and Jimmy go way back, we just wanna let you know, we uh, we used to play in the same band in junior high, the uh...
Jimmy Frog: Oof, watch out.
Iha: ...the Hot Testers, we were in...
Jimmy Frog: Why don’t you take off your shirt?
Iha: ...and that's why we've gotten together tonight...
Jimmy Frog: Take your shirt off tonight for Chicago.
Iha: uh....
BC: Yeah! Go on, James, show us some tits.
Jimmy Frog: Yeah.
Iha: I will not bare myself. Only alone will I--
BC: You know--
Jimmy Frog: Hold on, everyone.
BC: It’s not a -– it’s not a pride issue, he has three nipples.
Iha: Oh, I thought we wouldn't bring that up again, heh. Alright.
Jimmy Frog: Everybody else take their shirt off here or I'm not playing.
Iha: Does it make you a man to take your shirt off?
BC: Haha. I too have three nipples.
(drums start)
Iha: Here we go, people. Come on! Ow! Jimmy Chamberlin with that dope beat. Yeah, motherfuckin’ Dennis, come on up.
Jimmy Frog: In the menace of the med corp in condoms, comb in and coffins. Oregon and coma shots.
Iha: Yeah, come on!
BC: That’s it?
Jimmy Frog: And kiss my ass everyone ‘cause I’m a man with three dicks.
Iha: Come on, Jim!
Give Peace a Chance / Numb / Fat Albert Theme (with The Frogs)
(Iha is screaming hype man type things throughout the song - not all of his stuff is transcribed)
Iha: Come on, aw yeah, throw shit at us! Yeah, fuck you, come on! ... (Billy sings a line from Numb) That’s right, the fuckin’ words of the Edge! ... Yeah, come on, show them –- show them titties, come on! ...
BC: Alright. Wait. (band stops) This is one time in my life I wanna do a sing along. (singing) All we are give me a peace. All we are saying...give me a peace. (speaking) Come on, follow Jimmy. (singing) All we are saying....
Iha: Come on, you fuckin’ idiots! (band kicks back in)

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