Shiny and Oh So Bright tour

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Shiny and Oh So Bright tour
Tour by The Smashing Pumpkins
Start date2018-07-12
End date2018-10-18
No. of shows42
No. of cities40
No. of countries4
The Smashing Pumpkins tour chronology

The Shiny and Oh So Bright tour was a large-scale arena tour and the first with James Iha in the lineup since the The Sacred and Profane tour in 2000. Linda Strawberry was the creative director, with her company Coloma Productions and another company called Nimblist handling general production and lighting, while TAIT Towers was responsible for the stage hardware.[1]

Prior to the tour, there were some notable exchanges from frontman Billy Corgan and founding bassist D'arcy Wretzky over her absence from the reunited band.[2][3] The tour was noted also for having a three-hour setlist with material solely from the band's first five albums, except for four covers and the 2018 single "Solara".[4][5]

The tour also included select dates billed as the 30th Anniversary Series, and are organized separately here. The most notable show was August 2, 2018 in New Jersey which occurred during the middle of the other Shiny shows. Other shows in November and December were later booked with the "30th Anniversary Series" moniker, all offering varying setlists.

Background[edit | edit source]

For many years after the band’s initial breakup, they had toured with a litany of members, including Chamberlin himself when the band first reformed in 2006, although he quickly departed by early 2009. In 2015 he made a return to the band as a touring member for The End Times tour with Marilyn Manson and 2016’s In Plainsong tour, which was "acoustic-electro" and saw the band reach into their catalog of rarities alongside some hits.[6][7] James Iha made a few surprise returns on this tour as well, marking the first time he had shared a stage with Corgan since December 2, 2000.[8] On February 15, 2018 the band announced both Chamberlin and Iha would return on a full-member basis, alongside now longtime member Jeff Schroeder, making the band's first ever lineup with three permanent guitarists.

This tour would be the band's first arena trek since the Oceania tour, which itself was a mixture of arenas and theaters. Before the tour kicked off its arena stops across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Italy, two warmup shows were played at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on June 27, 2018, which saw AFI's Davey Havok make a guest appearance to perform the Joy Division song "Transmission", and a small backyard house show where the band had filmed the "1979" music video years earlier.[9]

Reception[edit | edit source]

Reviews of the tour most often were positive. Many praised the tour for how much ground the setlist covered throughout the performance.[10] Others pointed out the tour's focus on fans' nostalgia, and that the tour performed every hit song along with several rarities and cover songs.[11] The band's performance of Led Zeppelin's renowned song "Stairway to Heaven" also garnered lots of attention for being authentic to the original.[12]



Songs performed

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
Disarm 42 (original)
Bullet with Butterfly Wings 42 (original)
Today 42 (original)
Hummer 42 (original)
The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning 42 (original)
Try, Try, Try 42 (original)
Ava Adore 42 (original)
1979 42 (original)
Cherub Rock 42 (original)
Stairway to Heaven 42 Led Zeppelin
Tonight, Tonight 42 (original)
Landslide 42 Stevie Nicks
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans 42 (original)
Mayonaise 42 (original)
To Sheila 42 (original)
Blew Away 42 (original)
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (song) 42 (original)
Rocket 42 (original)
Siva 42 (original)
Rhinoceros 42 (original)
Space Oddity 42 David Bowie
Drown 42 (original)
Zero 42 (original)
The Everlasting Gaze 42 (original)
Stand Inside Your Love 42 (original)
Thirty-Three 42 (original)
Eye 42 (original)
Soma 42 (original)
For Martha 42 (original)
Baby Mine 41 Betty Noyes
Muzzle 39 (original)
Solara 39 (original)
Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) 2 (original)

Songs teased

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
Detroit Rock City 10 Kiss
Whole Lotta Love 8 Led Zeppelin
Hot for Teacher 6 Van Halen
Bridge of Sighs 3 Robin Trower
Fly by Night 3 Rush
Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love 3 Van Halen
Nights in White Satin 2 The Moody Blues
You Really Got Me 2 The Kinks
Lick It Up 2 Kiss
Cold Gin 2 Kiss
YYZ 1 Rush
Magic Power 1 Triumph
PAW Patrol Opening Theme 1 Michael Smidi Smith / Scott Krippayne
Moby Dick 1 Led Zeppelin
All Night Long (All Night) 1 Lionel Richie
Black Diamond 1 Kiss
Cold Shot 1 Michael Kindred / W.C. Clark
Panama 1 Van Halen
Iron Man 1 Black Sabbath
Money 1 Pink Floyd
N.I.B. 1 Black Sabbath
Mountain Song 1 Jane's Addiction
Runnin' with the Devil 1 Van Halen
L.A. Woman 1 The Doors
Dazed and Confused 1 Led Zeppelin
I'm a Man 1 Bo Diddley
Cinnamon Girl 1 Neil Young
Helpless 1 Neil Young
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 1 Jimi Hendrix
The Ocean 1 Led Zeppelin


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