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All content created on SPCodex is released under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. This means unless otherwise noted, you are free to to copy, distribute and/or modify SPCodex's text under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

However, many of the images, video and audio on this site are not free and are used under fair use rationale. See the page for individual files for more information on their licensing.

Written content[edit source]

Lyrics and other written content are adapted from the source. Unfortunately this may mean they are slightly wrong. SPCodex is not licensed to host verbatim lyrics. The same applies to any information; if you found some interesting facts on another website, it must be freely licensed in order to copy it here. It almost always is not, so please use your own words and refrain from copying and pasting content.

The exception are quotations, say from live show banter, liner notes, and interviews. These may be copied verbatim in limited form with attribution, but excessive use of quotes is usually not well-suited for an encyclopedia. They can distract the reader from other information, and devalue the original content. For more information, see Wikipedia's recommendations on using quotes.

Artwork[edit source]

Album/song artwork is uploaded at a lower resolution and used for educational purposes only. The page for every non-free image should be tagged with {{non-free album cover}}.

Multimedia[edit source]

While possible, audio and video is generally not hosted here at all. Instead, the {{youtube}} template should be used to embed external videos. Copyright law is complicated but it may be reasonable to assume any long-standing YouTube video can be embedded here. YouTube's content ID system usually ensures copyright holders are compensated by ad revenue. However, it is preferred to use official video where possible, for instance from @smashingpumpkins, VEVO or the record label. Live videos are an exception and can be linked to freely, assuming the uploader took the video.

Low-quality audio limited to 30 seconds or so may be uploaded, but there is generally little need for this as we link to Spotify or embed YouTube videos.