Rarities and B-Sides

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Rarities and B-Sides
Compilation album by
ReleasedApril 5, 2005
LabelVirgin EMI
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Rarities and B-Sides

Rarities and B-Sides is a compilation album of The Smashing Pumpkins that features almost every B-side, demo, and outtake released up until that time, amounting to over 8 hours of playback. It was only released digitally on online stores such as iTunes. Virgin also released the promotional compilation True Power. True Faith. with the same artwork in support of the digital release. The band apparently did not authorize either release, rather it was an invention of Virgin EMI who owned rights to all the songs at the time.[1] Rarities and B-Sides was removed from all streaming services and digital stores in 2018.[2]

Most songs can be found on previous compilations such as Pisces Iscariot, Judas O, The Aeroplane Flies High and Earphoria. A few of the band's less popular singles, namely "Rocket", "Stand Inside Your Love", and "Try, Try, Try", were all excluded from the track listing, although all of their B-sides were included. Besides that, all singles owned by EMI at the time were included on this set.

The release is notable however for offering the first digital releases of seven tracks that were previously only available commercially on vinyl: "Bullet Train to Osaka", "Terrapin", "Siamese Dream", "Purr Snickety", "Not Worth Asking", "Honeyspider II", and "Infinite Sadness".

Songs excluded[edit | edit source]

The original "Honeyspider", as well as, the original single versions of "Tristessa" and "I Am One" were not included on this compilation because they are owned by Sub Pop and not EMI. "My Dahlia" and "Sun", the first commercially issued Smashing Pumpkins recordings, were not included in this compilation, probably due to licensing issues. They appeared on the Light Into Dark compilation.

Also missing on this release are four songs from Pisces Iscariot: "Frail and Bedazzled", "Whir", "Spaced" (all Siamese Dream outtakes) and "La Dolly Vita", a B-side from Tristessa (on Sub Pop).

Additionally, seven official remixes of Smashing Pumpkins songs were excluded from the compilation. These include "Moby Mix" and "Cement Mix" from the "1979" remixes and all of "The End Is the Beginning Is the End" remixes.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All tracks are written by Billy Corgan, except where noted.

1."Rhinoceros" 5:56
2."Blue" 3:22
3."Slunk" 2:49
4."Bye June" 2:09
5."Siva" 4:53
6."Girl Named Sandoz"Eric Burdon, John Weider3:37
7."Smiley" 3:31
8."I Am One"Billy Corgan, James Iha4:06
9."Plume"James Iha3:40
10."Starla" 6:59
11."Bullet Train to Osaka" 4:18
12."Terrapin"Syd Barrett2:58
13."Disarm" 3:17
14."Soothe" 2:33
15."Blew Away"James Iha3:31
16."Siamese Dream" 2:44
17."Landslide"Stevie Nicks3:09
18."Dancing in the Moonlight"Phil Lynott4:21
19."Today" 3:19
20."Hello Kitty Kat" 4:32
21."Obscured" 5:20
22."Cherub Rock" 4:58
23."Pissant" 2:30
24."French Movie Theme" 1:49
25."Purr Snickety" 2:54
26."Not Worth Asking" 4:05
27."Honeyspider II" 2:20
28."Infinite Sadness" 3:45
29."1979" (vocal mix) 5:08
30."1979" (instrumental mix) 5:17
31."Bullet With Butterfly Wings" 4:16
32."...Said Sadly"James Iha3:12
33."You're All I've Got Tonight"Ric Ocasek3:10
34."Clones (We're All)"David Carron2:43
35."A Night Like This"Robert Smith3:36
36."Destination Unknown"Dale Bozzio, Terry Bozzio, Warren Cuccurullo4:14
37."Dreaming"Debbie Harry, Christopher Stein5:11
38."1979" 4:26
39."Ugly" 2:52
40."The Boy"James Iha3:04
41."Cherry" 4:02
42."Set the Ray to Jerry" 4:10
43."Zero" 2:39
44."God" 3:09
45."Mouths of Babes" 3:46
46."Tribute to Johnny" 2:34
47."Marquis in Spades" 3:17
48."Pennies" 2:28
49."Pastichio Medley"Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, D'arcy Wretzky6:59
50."Tonight, Tonight" 4:15
51."Meladori Magpie" 2:41
52."Rotten Apples" 3:02
53."Medellia of the Gray Skies" 3:11
54."Jupiter's Lament" 2:30
55."Blank" 2:54
56."Tonite Reprise" 2:40
57."Thirty-Three" 4:10
58."The Last Song" 3:55
59."The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)" 6:59
60."Transformer" 3:25
61."The Bells"James Iha2:17
62."My Blue Heaven" 3:20
63."Speed Kills" 5:16
64."Hope" 3:36
65."Blissed and Gone" 4:46
66."Apathy's Last Kiss" 2:42
67."Mayonaise" (acoustic)Billy Corgan, James Iha4:30
68."Eye" 4:51
69."Lucky 13" 3:12
70."The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)" 6:59
71."Because You Are" 3:48
72."Slow Dawn" 3:11
73."Believe"James Iha3:15
74."My Mistake" 4:01
75."Here's to the Atom Bomb" 4:26
76."Sparrow" 2:57
77."Waiting" 3:48
78."Saturnine" 3:52
79."Rock On"David Essex6:06
80."Winterlong" 4:59
81."Soot and Stars" 6:40
82."Ava Adore" 4:21
83."Czarina" 4:40
84."Once in a While" 3:34
85."Perfect" 3:23
86."Summer"James Iha3:11
87."Perfect" (Nellee Hooper Mix) 4:14
88."Perfect" (Nellee Hooper instrumental) 4:12
89."Perfect" (Perfecto mix) 6:59
90."Perfect" (Perfecto dub) 6:59
91."Perfect" (Elektro Breakbeat mix) 6:02
92."Daphne Descends" (Kerry B. mix) 3:52
93."Christmastime" 3:16
94."Drown" 4:27
95."Glynis" 4:53
96."Sad Peter Pan"Vic Chesnutt5:08
97."The End Is the Beginning Is the End" 5:08
98."The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning" 5:01
99."The Ethers Tragic" 2:49
100."The Guns of Love Disastrous" 4:11
101."Sinfony" 0:53
102."Quiet" (live in Atlanta, 1993) 3:41
103."Disarm" (electric, live English TV, 1993) 2:54
104."Cherub Rock" (acoustic, live MTV Europe, 1993) 4:20
105."Today" (live in Chicago, 1993) 3:34
106."Bugg Superstar"James Iha1:26
107."I Am One" (live in Barcelona, 1993)Billy Corgan, James Iha6:59
108."Pulseczar" 2:22
109."Soma" (live in London, 1994)Billy Corgan, James Iha6:29
110."Slunk" (live on Japanese TV, 1992) 2:35
111."Geek U.S.A." (live on German TV, 1993) 4:48
112."Mayonaise" (live "everywhere" 1988-1994)Billy Corgan, James Iha4:17
113."Why Am I So Tired" 15:14
114."Never Let Me Down Again"Van Barneveld, Martin Gore, Vinoodh Matadin4:01

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April 5, 2005 Virgin • EMI Digital US MusicBrainz [1]

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