Nothing Ever Changes (full demo)

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Nothing Ever Changes (full demo)
Demo album by
ReleasedJune 1, 1988
ProducerBilly Corgan

The Nothing Ever Changes Demo is a demo tape that represented the original vision for the Nothing Ever Changes tape. It was about 60 minutes in length and was Corgan's first attempt at a full-length album; it contained a combination of songs, spoken word selections (recalled as "bad poetry"), and instrumentals. It featured drummer Ron Roesing from Corgan's former band, The Marked, on two live tracks.

It surfaced on August 4, 2014 when it appeared on SP Nexus' Memorabilia Mondays. The imagery suggests the tape was for private use and not intended for promotion. In the same SP Nexus post, Corgan stated the songs are "forgettable" yet he still intended to release them, along with 60+ demo cassettes in what would be "anywhere from 12 to 20 separate" vinyl releases.[1] While these have yet to be released, different versions of some songs such as "Nothing and Everything", "Holiday" and "My Eternity" appeared on The Rubano Tapes archive releases.

The liner notes read:

All songs by Billy

All instruments, drum prog. by Billy
Breathe - James guitar, Billy bass
and the two live cuts which have
Ron on drums, James on guitar, Billy on bass

Tape completed 6-1-88

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All tracks are written by Billy Corgan.

1."Your Love" 
2."Nothing and Everything" 
7."The Vigil" (live) 
9."We Have Fear" 
11."Hey! What's Your Plan" 
12."Daisy Chains" 
13."Mao Say Tongue #1" 
15."My Eternity" (live) 

"Mao Say Tongue" was listed without a number, and presumed to be "Mao Say Tongue #1" but it may have been "Mao Say Tongue #2".

Release[edit | edit source]

Released Label Catalog ID Format Country External sites
June 1, 1988 Self-released Cassette US [1]

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