Mao Say Tongue #2

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"Mao Say Tongue #2"
Song by The Marked
RecordedOctober 1, 1986
VenueEmpty Keg, Tampa, FL
Songwriter(s)Billy Corgan

"Mao Say Tongue #2" is a song by The Marked, sung by Billy Corgan. A live recording appeared on the The Marked Sept - Oct '86 demo cassette.

In October 2021, Billy Corgan performed the song at the William Patrick Corgan Early Years 1985-1990 residency at Madame ZuZu's. The lyric book that was handed out at these shows date the song to 1987, but this is probably a misprint, as the The Marked Sept - Oct '86 demo tape has a live recording of the song dating to October 1, 1986.

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Normal lyrics

young boy choking
in spite of fate he just might
say what was on his mind
helpless boy
is proving it to the world of confusion
who cares, cares for him?

boy cries in anger
for his toys anew
rise boy, rise
he has lost

helpless boy is sitting on his suitcase
for his tears
of their tears he must
he must face
oh, this boy
is moving into the world of confusion
who cares for him?

helpless boy, must you cry
you can always try
because the sunrise is there
with or without you

The Marked – October 1, 1986

[Dale: How is everyone tonight? C'mon, how is everyone? We're really, we're fantastic. Sounds great up here, i hope it sounds nice out there, we'll, does it sound nice out there? The band is going through a lot of changes right now. We're slowing down the tempos and playing a little more dance, expanding on some of our musical concepts, this one is kind of an expansion, it's called Mao Say Tongue number two, of course following Mao Say Tongue number one. And it's one of our new songs from last time we played live.]

young boy choking
his little finger in spite
afraid, he just might say what's on his mind

help this boy, he's proving it to the world
a world of the future for passing
who cares what he be

boy he flies the age of
for the world today
a prize for what he had was

helpless boy is skidding on his suitcase
bored to tears, of the fears
he must, he must be

helpless boy is moving to the world
afraid, of the future
who can, who can this boy be?

boy flies a hang-up
the boy is bored today
rise for what he had on
oh yeah

help this boy today
won't you try
helpless boy is tomorrow's drive
'cause this song frustrates you
with or without you
help this boy just to cry
help this boy to the love inside
'cause this someone
this boy
with or without you
oh yeah

[Billy: Boy it's hot up here]


The Marked Sept - Oct '86Demo • Bootleg

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