Kiki Wong

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Kiki Wong
ArtistsThe Smashing Pumpkins
Years active2024–present
Associated actsVigil of War

Kiki Wong is a Los Angeles-based rock guitarist who joined the touring lineup of The Smashing Pumpkins in 2024.[1] She has a large following on social media and has been called one of Instagram's "foremost shredders."[2] She has performed with acts such as Taylor Swift, Usher, Bret Michaels, and bands Nylon Pink, Hellfire Heart – and Vigil of War, with whom she still is a member.[2]

Following the departure of long-time guitarist Jeff Schroeder, The Smashing Pumpkins announced on January 5, 2024, that they were looking for a new guitarist and everyone was welcome to apply. Within weeks, the band had received over 10,000 submissions with "8 people working full-time to review each and every one."[3] By mid-April, Wong made an Instagram story picturing her son and featuring the song "The Boy". On April 26, 2024, The Smashing Pumpkins made the announcement confirming Wong as the new touring guitarist.

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