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Single by Jeff Schroeder
Original by Kim Jung Mi
ReleasedJuly 14, 2021
LabelAmelia Recordings
Songwriter(s)Shin Joong Hyun
Producer(s)Jeff Schroeder

"Haenim" is the debut solo single by Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder. It is a cover of a song written by Shin Joong Hyun and originally performed by Kim Jung Mi on her 1973 album, Now. Schroeder said that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the song was calling him so he decided to record it with some friends as a form of healing. He dedicated the song to musician Max Perenchio (aka "The Pelican Boy"),[1] who died in a car accident on November 26, 2020.[2]

Schroeder first announced the song on Instagram on July 12, 2021,[3] and it was released digitally on July 14, 2021.

Recording[edit | edit source]

The recording features Third Eye Blind bassist Arion Salazar, Shane Graham on drums, and Heeya So on vocals. The initial session took place at The Cave studio in Los Angeles, and Schroeder later added additional guitar layers at his home studio. So recorded her vocals remotely. Schroeder told Guitar World, "I had to find someone that was comfortable singing the song in Korean, but also [that] understood the vibe … I wanted someone who could bring a Nico-esque character to the vocal performance. Heeya did such a great job."[4]

Schroeder explained the song nods to his family's roots in Korea. "Much of my life, my existence of who I am, is because my mom was born there, and was from that generation. "Haenim" really connects me to that culture."[4]

Music video[edit | edit source]

Official music video, created by Sky Goodman

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Lyrics are in Korean. English translation is as follows:

To the kingdom of the sun, reflected in red on the white waves,
we are going
The round sun is rising, the smiley sun is rising
The sun is waving at me on the top of the mountain
We live close to the warm sun
Birds are flying in this silent place
They are singing for me
How beautiful is this place, the sunlight is radiant
Lift up your face and look at the sky
Let's ride on a rainbow to meet the sun
Come with me
Holding your hand in this eternal place
I look at the sun and live happily

Release[edit | edit source]

All tracks are written by Shin Joong Hyun.

2."Haenim" (Single Edit)4:09
Released Label Catalog ID Format Country External sites
July 14, 2021 Amelia Recordings Digital Worldwide [1]

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Jeff Schroeder – guitar, production
  • Heeya So – vocals
  • Arion Salazar – bass
  • Shane Graham – drums
  • Josiah Mazzaschi – recording, mixing, engineering
  • Chris Colbert – mastering
  • Brin – artwork

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