Got to Go (2000 Years BC Remix)

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"Got to Go (2000 Years BC Remix)"
Song by Carina Round
Side project of Billy Corgan
ReleasedApril 18, 2015
Songwriter(s)Carina Round

"Got to Go (2000 Years BC Remix)" is a song from British singer-songwriter Carina Round's 2015 album, Tigermixes. Billy Corgan is credited as a performer, presumably as the guitarist. The remix itself was not by Corgan.[1] Tigermixes is a remix of Round's 2012 studio album, Tigermending. This apparently was originally slated to include "Got to Go" featuring Corgan, but did not the make the final cut. However, as of 2020 streaming services and digital stores include "Got to Go (2000 Years BC Remix)" on the Tigermending.

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