Early 1989 Demos

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Early 1989 Demos
Bootleg of
Sounds Of Turnips
Bootleg of

Early 1989 Demos is a commercial bootleg album. An identical bootleg called Sounds Of Turnips was released the year prior under a different label. The latter release doesn't mention the band anywhere in the packaging.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All tracks are written by Billy Corgan.

1."Honeyspider" (Alternate)Moon Demo2:39
2."(spoken)" 0:22
3."With You"Moon Demo2:47
4."Egg"Moon Demo2:28
5."(spoken)" 0:24
6."Rhinoceros" (Alternate)Moon Demo5:35
7."Stars Fall In"Moon Demo3:08
8."Daughter"Moon Demo2:59
9."(spoken)" 0:18
10."Daydream"Moon Demo2:00
11."(spoken)" 0:25
12."Psychodelic"Moon Demo6:21
13."My Dahlia"Light Into Dark3:53
14."Sun"Light Into Dark5:47
15."Snap (If I Could)"Summer 1989 – Reel Time Studios3:39
16."Love (pre-Gish demo)"Summer 1989 – Reel Time Studios3:43
17."East" (Alternate)Summer 1989 – Reel Time Studios4:15
18."Waiting (pre-Gish demo)" (listed as "Mother")Summer 1989 – Reel Time Studios (acoustic)3:49
19."C'mon"Summer 1989 – Reel Time Studios4:48
Total length:59:17

The four "spoken" tracks are in Spanish, with English translations as follows:

  • Spoken #1: I always wonder, who am I? Why do I do it? I don't know. It's because there's no other way. Sometimes I ask God and he answers. The simple answer for simple questions. That's how I see God. As a question.
  • Spoken #2: My sacred heart. I speak of my heart as if it were an entity seperate from me. I think the same thing about pain. It's like an evil spirit outside of me that's always with me. The pain that I feel is like a weight that guides me. There's no way to destroy it. It's my eternal opera.
  • Spoken #3: I want to triumph over you. I want respect. I want it all. God will help me to help myself. I don't know. Dreams and wishes become reality. Peace and love for humanity.
  • Spoken #4: The surreal and suspect dream -- I want to clearly remember it, but I can't. The dream lives in me. My desires control me. My thoughts follow. What is it that stops me from killing, from thinking, from recognizing my destiny? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Release history[edit | edit source]

Released Label Catalog ID Format Country External sites
1994 Turnip CD US Discogs [1]
1995 Chance CD US Discogs MusicBrainz [1]

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