30th Anniversary Series

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30th Anniversary Series tour
Tour by The Smashing Pumpkins
Start date2018-08-02
End date2018-12-08
No. of shows9
No. of cities9
No. of countries1
The Smashing Pumpkins tour chronology

The 30th Anniversary Series was a set of special shows celebrating 30 years of The Smashing Pumpkins. The first show, August 2, 2018 in New Jersey was in the middle of the larger Shiny and Oh So Bright tour, while the rest occurred after the tour's conclusion.

Each show in this series offered a unique career-spanning setlist, and some involved special guests. The special guests were as follows:



Songs performed

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
Zero 9 (original)
Today 9 (original)
Tonight, Tonight 9 (original)
Solara 9 (original)
Bullet with Butterfly Wings 9 (original)
Cherub Rock 9 (original)
1979 9 (original)
Never Let Me Down Again 8 Depeche Mode
Knights of Malta 8 (original)
Friday I'm in Love 8 The Cure
Disarm 8 (original)
Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) 8 (original)
Travels 8 (original)
Ava Adore 8 (original)
Heavy Metal Machine 7 (original)
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans 7 (original)
Dross 7 (original)
Muzzle 5 (original)
Landslide 3 Stevie Nicks
Siva 2 (original)
Suffragette City 1 David Bowie
Baby Mine 1 Betty Noyes
Love Will Tear Us Apart 1 Joy Division
Transmission 1 Joy Division
Age of Consent 1 New Order
Malibu 1 Hole
Celebrity Skin (song) 1 Hole
Breaking the Law 1 Judas Priest
Fly 1 Sugar Ray
Stairway to Heaven 1 Led Zeppelin
Snail 1 (original)
Bodies 1 (original)
Mayonaise 1 (original)
Blew Away 1 (original)
Soma 1 (original)
Eye 1 (original)
Thirty-Three 1 (original)
Stand Inside Your Love 1 (original)
The Everlasting Gaze 1 (original)
Rhinoceros 1 (original)
Rocket 1 (original)
Dangerous Type 1 The Cars

Songs teased

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
Hot for Teacher 3 Van Halen
N.I.B. 1 Black Sabbath
Detroit Rock City 1 Kiss
Mistreated 1 Deep Purple
Purple Haze 1 Jimi Hendrix
PAW Patrol Opening Theme 1 Michael Smidi Smith / Scott Krippayne
Heartbreaker 1 Led Zeppelin


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