The Smashing Pumpkins 2019-06-10

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June 10, 2019 – Antwerp, BE
Live performance by The Smashing Pumpkins
Europe 2019 tour
DateJune 10, 2019
VenueLotto Arena
Coordinates51°13′49″N 4°26′30″E
LocationAntwerp, BE
Venue typeArena
PersonnelBilly Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlin, James Iha, Jeff Schroeder, Jack Bates, Katie Cole
Order of bandsFangclub, The Smashing Pumpkins

Setlist[edit | edit source]

  1. "Siva
  2. "Rhinoceros
  3. "Zero
  4. "Solara
  5. "Knights of Malta
  6. "Eye
  7. "Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  8. "Tiberius
  9. "G.L.O.W.
  10. "Disarm(acoustic) 
  11. "Friday I'm in Love" [The Cure
  12. "Superchrist
  13. "The Everlasting Gaze
  14. "Ava Adore
  15. "1979
  16. "Three Days" [Jane's Addiction(tease) 
  17. "Panama" [Van Halen(tease) 
  18. "Cherub Rock
  19. "Tonight, Tonight
  20. "The Spaniards
  21. "The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)
  22. "To Sheila(acoustic) 
  23. "Wish You Were Here" [Pink Floyd(acoustic) 
  24. "Alienation
  25. "Today
  26. "Muzzle

Encore[edit | edit source]

  1. "Happy Birthday to You" [Patty Hill / Mildred J. Hill] (to Jimmy) 
  2. "Hummer

Banter[edit | edit source]

Sarabande Intro
> Rhinoceros
Knights of Malta
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Iha: Thank you there. Thank you again.
> G.L.O.W.
(BC after crowd participation breakdown: James!
Iha: Yes? Come on, you people, goddammit! Let’s gooooooo!! Yeaaahhh!!!! Come on, Antwerp!!!!
BC: Come on, come on, come on...)
Iha: Alright, alright alright. Rock you [unintelligible]. (crowd chants “Come on, come on, come on, can you feel it?” for a minute) Alright. We’ve - sorry. Now we’re gonna do a quiet song so you can’t rock out or anything. I - I apologize, I’m sorry.
Disarm (acoustic)
Friday I’m in Love
> The Everlasting Gaze
Ava Adore
Radio Intro tape
> 1979
Iha: Thank you so much, merci. How are you? Antwerp. You guys are awesome, thank you so much for coming out tonight, we appreciate it. We are the Smashing Pumpkins, as if you didn’t know that [unintelligible]. I’d like to introduce the band. On the keyboards, guitar, vocals, all the way from Australia, Ms. Katie Cole! Katie Cole. Let’s have a round of applause for Katie Cole. And now, all the way from Manchester, England, on the bass (pronounced like the fish) guitar, Mr. Jack Bates.
Three Days (tease - Jack)
Iha: Ow! It’s gettin’ crazy now. Jack’s playin’ the Three Days by Jane’s Addiction. It’s not gettin’ that crazy. And now, all the way from southern California, from Los Angeles, on the guitar, Mr. Jeff Schroeder!
Panama (tease - Jeff)
Iha: Yeah! That’s what these people wanna hear! They don’t wanna hear the Pumpkins, they wanna hear fuckin’ Van Halen! Yeah!! (Jeff stops) Thank you. Happy birthday. You know him, you love him. One of the greatest drummers, Mr. Jimmyyyyyy Chamberlin! [unintelligible] Come on! Jimmy said “If you embarrass me, I’m gonna beat the shit out of you later,”’s gonna be hot in here. Hahaha. Alright, alright. That was for you. He doesn’t wanna hear it. You guys wanna hear it, he - he appreciates it. You wanted to say anything on the mic? Heh. Thank you so much, I am James Iha, thank you. [unintelligible] And now, on vocals, hot vocals, hot guitar, all the way from Illinois and parts of Florida, Mr. Billlllly Corgan!
Cherub Rock
Tonight, Tonight
The Spaniards
The Aeroplane Flies High
Iha: okay? Thumbs up, two thumbs up? Thank you.
To Sheila (acoustic)
> Wish You Were Here (acoustic)
> Today
BC: Thank you very much, thank you. We have reached the end of the concert, thank you so much for being with us tonight. Did you have a good time? That’s not very convincing but...did you have a good time? ...
Iha: Ow!
BC: So to the old school Smashing Pumpkins fans, thank you for sticking with our band, 31 years.
Iha: Thank you guys.
BC: 31 years.
Iha: It’s a long time.
BC: Heh heh heh heh. And to the new fans, thank you for giving us a chance. The kids, they’re into all sorts of stuff these days.
Iha: [unintelligible]
BC: Trap. Mumble rap.
Iha: Pop!
BC: Pop! How many people have seen us before?
Iha: They’re drunk, they don’t remember. They - they thought they saw Alice in Chains.
BC: One small note, a personal note. I’ve spoken before about how my great grandmother was born Belgium. And since I was last here, I found the ship manifest that showed her coming into America when she was 17 years old with her husband, my great grandfather, who was also born here.
Iha: Who?
BC: But what I didn’t know...
Iha: Yes.
BC: ...and I didn’t know until recently...
Iha: Yes.
BC: ...that my grandfather - my great grandfather - was one of 26 children.
Iha: Ha! That’s a tremendous....
BC: 26. And six of the children immigrated to America.
Iha: 26 kids.
BC: To Illinois.
Iha: How many people have 26 kids?
BC: They like to fuck here, James, what can I say? Is that too blue? They like to eff, is that better? They like to eff in Belgium? You like to eff? And one last thing. I recently had a daughter. And her name is Philomena and I named her after my great...great grandmother, who was born here in 1864.
Iha: Prayers.
BC: So thank you for being part of my life.
Iha: What do you guys wanna talk about? Any topic. Alright, I know, we should keep rockin’.
BC: I got it, don’t talk. This is our last song, please sing along if you know the words, god bless you, we love you, we appreciate you, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.
BC: Thank you.
[encore break]
BC: Oh yeah!
Iha: Woo!
BC: Ow! As we mentioned before, it’s Jimmy Chamberlin’s birthday. And as a special present to you, he’s now gonna do a 25 minute drum solo. Go!
Iha: He’s a sweet hip kinda guy.
BC: Come on, you wanna hear a 25 minute drum solo? Alright, a 25 minute guitar solo? (Billy doodles)
Iha: Oh yeah.
BC: Just come over here. Jimmy, come up.
Iha: Intro!
BC: Let’s sing a proper Happy Birthday, ready?
Happy Birthday
BC: (singing) ...and many more.
(Jeff is doodling quietly)
Iha: Little Van Halen, Jeff? There’s Jeff. Very nice, very nice. And now, we’re gonna burn it to the ground. That’s a sharp knife!
BC: Doug, cutting the cake on stage, I don’t understand this.
Iha: By the way, guys, this is Doug Goodman.
BC: Doug Goodman.
Iha: There he goes. Merry Christmas, everyone. Ah. Happy Halloween. All the best tidings to you. Okay! We’re gonna rock one more time.

Photos and memorabilia[edit | edit source]