The Smashing Pumpkins 1994-04-09

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April 9, 1994 – Tallahassee, FL, US
Live performance by The Smashing Pumpkins
Rock Invasion tour
DateApril 9, 1994
VenueLeon County Civic Center
Coordinates30°26′16″N 84°17′12″W
LocationTallahassee, FL, US
Venue typeArena
PersonnelBilly Corgan, James Iha, D'arcy Wretzky, Jimmy Chamberlin
Order of bandsRed Red Meat, The Smashing Pumpkins
Full performance

Setlist[edit | edit source]

  1. "Rocket
  2. "Quiet
  3. "Disarm
  4. "Snail
  5. "Cherub Rock
  6. "Soma
  7. "Hummer
  8. "Geek U.S.A.
  9. "Luna
  10. "Today
  11. "Siva" [5:53] 

Encore one[edit | edit source]

  1. "Starla" [8:32] 

Encore two[edit | edit source]

  1. "Johnny B. Goode" [Chuck Berry(tease) 
  2. "I Am One" (with rant) [9:20] 
    1. "Spoonful" [Willie Dixon(tease) 
  3. "Mayonaise

Encore three[edit | edit source]

  1. "Spaced(tease) 
    1. "Suffer(tease) 
    2. "Silverfuck" [16:52] 
    3. "Never Let Me Down Again" [Depeche Mode(tease) 
    4. "Over the Rainbow" [Harold Arlen / Yip Harburg(tease) 
  2. "Sweet Sweet" [1:22] 

Banter[edit | edit source]

> Quiet
BC: Good evening, hello. I'm sorry -– I’m sorry that everyone can't be down here. Although there are some uh...lazy people already sitting down. That's because they're old. See what happens when you get old? You can’t han -– handle standing up for two hours, so.... Be nice to the people who are sitting down and to the rest of you, thank you, hi. Hello to you fuckers way up there. Hi. In the cheap seats.
> Snail
Cherub Rock
BC: Thanks a lot. ... Thank -– thank you all so much for coming. This is our only Florida show, so I hope it feels special. Of course I wanted to go to the school with the number one football team. But they said we couldn’t play Notre Dame, so we came here. (crowd boos)
Iha: We’d also like to uh...
BC: Thank you very much.
Iha: ...give a big warm welcome to the girls of X horseshoe who’ve come out tonight.
BC: What, what?
Iha: The girls of X horseshoe, you know, the....
BC: Oh, X horse. Yeah, we really love sorority people..
Iha: It's a joke, a joke, my friends. And now we will rock onwards.
BC: Of course, we didn't fuckin’ get any sororities, but uh, we still love you anyway. This ends the comedy portion of the show. (immediately counts into Soma)
Geek U.S.A.
(BC alt last line: I fuckin’ love the U.S.A.!)
BC: Thanks very much, thank you, thank you, thank you. For those of uh, for those of you who know the songs that we're playing, thank you very much for listening. To those of -– to those of you who don't know most of these songs, please remember that we do write other good songs besides the ones that you see on MTV. I hope you can appreciate it all and I'm thankful that you're here. And this is uh, song number 13, lucky 13. It's called Luna.
> Today
> Siva
[encore break]
Iha: We thank you quite turgidly.
BC: God bless you.
[encore break]
Iha: Grazie.
BC: You’re not -– you’re not gettin’ tired, are you? We’ll fuckin’ play all night if you want.
Iha: This is corporate wunder rock.
BC: Woo!!! Alright!
Iha: (screams)
BC: Time to play some good old rock and roll.
Johnny B. Goode (tease - first few notes several times)
> I Am One / Spoonful
(BC midsong: All I ever wanted was everything. Yall I ever wanted was everything [sic]. All I ever wanted was everything and all I got was shit! What you want is what you’ll get and that’s nothing, blah. What you want is what you’ll get and that’s nothin’! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme nothing. Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme nothing! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme nothing. Nothing! Play some blues, James. (Iha solos) Mr. James Iha. (Jimmy and D’arcy stop playing) (echoing what Iha just played) La la la la la. (Iha plays a few notes and Billy echoes again) La la la LA la. (Iha plays three notes) (high pitched) Doo doo doo ga ga ga ga. (Iha plays five notes) Boo doo ba doo da doo da. (Iha plays a flourish) (normal voice) Yeah, that’s it. Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme nothing! What have you got?: nothing! Nothing but memories. Money don’t mean shit. (crowd cheers) School don’t mean shit, I can tell you that. (bigger crowd cheer) Even football don’t mean shit. (big crowd cheer) Heh, rock and roll don’t mean shit either, let me tell you. (crowd boos) Oh, now you’re gonna boo? Now you’re gonna boo. Hour and a half and you’re gonna boo now. What’s the matter, angry young man? See this guy over here, he’s really angry. See this guy right here? He’s so angry, you know why he’s angry? ‘Cause his band didn’t make it. Ain’t my fault, brah! Learn to write some songs, dude. We ain’t -- we ain’t exactly spring chickens, you know? Six years we’ve been a band, six years. Six long years. I ain’t tryin’ to fuck with you, all I’m tryin’ to say is all that matters is what’s in your fuckin’ head. And if I had listened to everything that everyone ever told me, I definitely would not be standing in front of you today. I’d be diggin’ a ditch. What? No, man, I ain’t gonna trivialize this. Nothin’! I ain’t tryin’ to be mean, you don’t understand. Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme nothin’. Nothin’. What do you want?: everything. And what have you got?!!: nothing!!! (band starts again) Nothin’. Nothin’. Nothin’. Nothin’. Yeah!!! Yeah.)
BC: Thank you.
[encore break]
D’arcy: Thanks, you guys have been a really, really good audience.
Iha: I fuckin’ hate Florida though, I think you people are all full of shit! Haha. I'm just kidding! I’m just kidding.
Silverfuck / Never Let Me Down Again / Over the Rainbow (with Spaced & Suffer teases in intro)
> Sweet Sweet (Billy solo a cappella)
BC: God bless you.