Template:Extra tour chronology

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Template documentation

This template is for use with the "Misc" parameter of {{infobox tour}} for tours featuring various artists.


{{ extra tour chronology
| Group     = 
| Type      = 
| Last tour = 
| This tour = 
| Next tour = 


  • Group: the artist or organization participating in the tour
  • Type: type of chronology [ex: tour, benefit events]; appears between the group's name and the word "chronology"
  • Last tour: the group's previous tour, along with its year(s)
  • This tour: the tour featured in the specific article, along with its year(s)
  • Next tour: the group's following tour, along with its year(s). Use an {{em dash}} in this place if the next tour name is not available, so that the values are not skewed to the left.